Diversity and Inclusion

At Daiwa House Group, human resources are the greatest assets.

To grow into a corporate group that can contribute to the world going forward, we need to respond flexibly to diverse values and to society as it constantly changes, and create new value capable of discovering potential markets. To do that, we need to foster a workplace culture that makes the most of perspectives and ideas that utilize employees’ diverse values, genders, generations, ethnicities, languages, cultures, lifestyles, abilities and disabilities, etc., and create an organization that can continuously generate concepts unfettered by conventional thinking and preconceived ideas.

At Daiwa House, as a touchstone of the promotion of diversity, we are actively working on one aspect of diversity, the workplace participation of female employees. In 2005, we established the Women’s Participation Promotion Project and, in 2007, founded the Wave Heart Promotion Section as a dedicated organization. In April 2015, the latter’s name was changed to the Diversity Promotion Section, and from October 2021 it became part of the Human Resources and Organizational Development Department.

In our 7th Medium-Term Management Plan, also, we will work diligently to create a workplace in which diverse employees, including women, older workers, LGBT, etc., can thrive even more.

Initiatives for the workplace participation of diverse human resources

Participation of diverse human resources 1 (Women)

We are advancing initiatives for positive action.

Participation of diverse human resources 2 (Disabled persons, etc.)

We are working to promote the active participation of older workers and LGBT, advance employment of the disabled, and train global human resources.

Work-life balance

We are supporting employees to lead fulfilling work and home lives in which they are able to continually grow.

Management that promotes diversity and inclusion

Numerical targets for diversity and inclusion

To create new ideas in the development and processes of products and services that utilize diversity and inclusion in management, and to realize risk prediction from diverse viewpoints, we have set as a goal for fiscal 2021 an index that promotes diversity in each function (job type) and greater diversity in decision-making.

[Composite Index of Diversity and Inclusion]
1) Ratio of women in management: 5%
2) Ratio of line chiefs among female managers: 40%
3) Ratio of female construction workers: 6%
4) Ratio of female sales staff: 13%
5) Ratio of women in hiring of new graduates: 30%

Office Diversity Score

To promote diversity throughout the whole company, by visualizing the state of diversity at each office and plant, we can grade the degree of progress in diversity at each workplace. Aiming to promote diversity, from fiscal 2019, the Office Diversity Score was included as a category in the evaluation of sound management at offices and plants.

[Diversity Score]
1) Ratio of women in senior positions
2) Ratio of male staff taking childcare leave
3) Ratio of employment of disabled persons
4) Ratio of retention of young employees

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