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DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

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DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

For the Daiwa House Group, which has a diverse business portfolio, securing diverse human resources is one of the most important issues . Through interaction and dialogues among management and employees, we have to nurture a workplace culture where we respect employees’ diverse values, gender, handicapped or not, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, nationality, language, culture, lifestyle and so on, employees accept and draw on perspectives and ideas of others, and everyone can shine brightly.
At Daiwa House, as a touchstone of the promotion of diversity, we are actively working on one aspect of diversity, the workplace participation of female employees. In 2005, we established the Women’s Participation Promotion Project and, in 2007, founded the Wave Heart Promotion Section as a dedicated organization. In April 2015, the section’s name was changed to the Diversity Promotion Department as its areas of responsibility were expended. In October 2019, it became an organization to “promote DE & I.”
We have applied DE & I concepts to managing operations and promoted diversity in order to generate new ideas for products, services, and other processes and strengthen decision-making from diverse perspectives.

Initiatives for the workplace participation of diverse human resources

Participation of diverse human resources 1 (Women)

We are furthering women’s participation in the workplace.

Participation of diverse human resources 2 (Disabled persons, etc.)

We are working to promote the active participation of older workers and LGBT, advance employment of the disabled, and train global human resources.

Work-life balance

We are supporting employees to lead fulfilling work and home lives in which they are able to continually grow.

Management that promotes DE & I

Indices and goals

To create new ideas in the development and processes of products and services that utilize DE & I in management, and to realize risk prediction from diverse viewpoints, we have set indices and goals that promote diversity in decision-making and each function (job type).

1) Ratio of females in management (Ratio of female managers): 8%
2) Ratio of females in senior positions (Ratio of female section chiefs): 25%
3) Ratio of new females career hires: 30%
4) Ratio of males taking childcare leave: 80%
5) Ratio of employment of persons with disabilities: 2.7%
6) Ratio of retention of young employees (in their third year of service): 85%
DE&I by numbers (Social data “Human resources base”)

Applying the diversity scores to the branch evaluation system

To promote diversity throughout the whole company, in fiscal 2019, we introduced office diversity scores to aid in assessing office management soundness, with the aim of measuring and promoting diversity in each workplace. We evaluate these four items: ratio of female managers/ section chiefs, ratio of males taking childcare leave, ratio of employment of persons with disabilities, and ratio of retention of young employees. Quantifying at the individual office level enables us to measure progress and promote diversity from the bottom up.

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