Providing Employment Opportunities for Exceptional Human Resources

Concept and Policy

In Japan, where population decline will become increasingly remarkable, we believe that it is indispensable for the sustainable growth of the Daiwa House Group to provide the opportunities of employment to talented human resources, while establishing fulfilling workplaces that employees can be proud of, thereby "Co-creating a Brighter Future" together with our employees.

We are promoting measures focused on enriching the lives of employees from a long-term view, from recruitment to training, utilization, and through to retirement. We will also accurately identify social issues such as population decline and the globalization of the economy, and provide the opportunities of employment that match the needs of the time, thereby retaining talented human resources and making a contribution to society.

As one of these measures, we promote recruitment with limited locations of work in order to facilitate sustainable business operations that take root in the local communities. We also have a system where general employees can select between "nationwide employment" and "local employment," thereby enabling them to work in geographic areas that match their hope, while creating local employment at the same time.

Furthermore, our Group companies outside Japan are promoting the recruitment of local talent at individual sites, under the policy of employing and developing local human resources in each country.


To retain human resources of the next generation, we verify recruitment performance and key recruitment points for the next term, under the leadership of the Human Resources Department and in cooperation with individual departments.

We have also established a system for the centralized management and utilization of employment information, and put up a dedicated organization (Shared Service Center) that operates this system, thereby promoting this system throughout the Group.

In addition, it is important to incorporate input from front-line personnel into human resource policies in order to retain talented human resources. To this end, we conduct a questionnaire survey targeted at all employees every four years. The levels of employee satisfaction are quantified based on the survey results, and requirements are identified.

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