Daiwa House Group

Daiwa House Group

Developing Human Resources

Based on a belief that human resources are the Group’s greatest assets, we aim to “develop people through business” as stated in its Company Philosophy (Corporate Creed). In addition to the above, our Principles of Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct emphasize the development of human resources, and the fostering of a corporate culture where we pursue human resource development with medium-and long-term perspectives, and each individual is able to plan their own growth and self-improvement.

As human resources become increasingly mobile and competition to recruit talent intensifies, our ability to offer attractive work styles and arrangements to working people is being tested. Various generations including millennial mid-level employees and managers, and Generation Z will be working together in the future. This calls for a workplace environment that fosters mutual understanding to bridge the value gap between generations and accommodates diverse ideas of what a career should be.

Our policies focus on enriching our employees’ lives over the long term, from hiring through retirement. We aimto train our people to anticipate future trends and take on challenges fearlessly, unconstrained by established concepts. We want them to be thorough in carrying out their everyday duties, which embodies the meaning of “being complete in small things.” We aim to recruit by offering employment opportunities suited to the times, thereby retaining and developing next-generation employees, and recruiting and developing talented individuals to become managers.

During the hiring process, on premise of application, we absolutely inform participants of their acceptance after one round of screening. Following acceptance, employees are informed of their working conditions, and upon agreement they are formally hired.