Providing a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

The Daiwa House Group company philosophy (corporate creed) includes an injunction informing relations with employees: “A company’s progress depends directly on ensuring a good working environment for its employees.” In line with this, we believe ensuring workplaces conducive to safety and health is an essential element of encouraging employees’ development and providing an environment allowing them to give full play to their capabilities. Providing such workplaces is instrumental in enhancing two of our business strengths: data collection capability and problem solving skills and our wellspring for creating economic and social value. Further, SDG No. 8, “Decent Work and Economic Growth,” lays out a universal approach for descent work applicable in developing as well as advanced economies.

In Japan, serious societal issues impact employee recruitment and retention, especially workforce shrinkage due to a rapidly aging and declining population and separation from the workforce to care for elderly parents. Meanwhile, with calls for tackling the COVID-19, there is progress in ICT, AI, automation, and other technologies with implications for labor practices, and work style reform is also a focus of attention. Daiwa House Industry has continuously worked to improve work styles by putting together and implementing strategies to eliminate excessively long working hours, encourage employees to use up their annual paid vacation days, and provide a framework for assessing hourly productivity benchmarks. These have begun to bring results: employees are clocking fewer overtime hours and displaying greater awareness about work styles.

We will continue to further reform work styles with the double aim of having all employees maximize the results of their work and maintain their mental/physical health and safety. By so doing, Daiwa House Industry will continue adapting to changes in its situation and the social context, implementing innovative programs and frameworks and overhauling how it organizes and manages itself.

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