Providing a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Concept and Policy

We at the Daiwa House Group consider that it is one of our basic efforts, in the respect of human rights, to establish workplaces where employees can work safely and healthily. We believe that such workplaces are indispensable to facilitate the growth of each employee and enhance their abilities, and are also essential for social contribution and the sustainable development of our business. This is why the Daiwa House Group Principles of Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct emphasizes health management and considerations for safety and health, and focuses on maintaining the physical and mental health of employees, and establishing workplaces with good disciplines.

In accordance with the Safety and Health Management Regulations, we are continuously establishing a safe environment together with our employees in order to maintain and manage safety in workplaces and construction sites. Furthermore, we specify the "Basic Policy to Promote Safety and Health at Work" every fiscal year, under which policies, targets and structures are established for each branch office. In this way, we maintain worksites that prioritize the safety of workers, including both our employees and those of business partners. To maintain such worksites, we promote guidance and training, considering that it is also important that our employees and those of business partners should acquire knowledge and raise awareness concerning safety.

Our Group believes that it is important to promote healthoriented management, thereby improving labor productivity, by encouraging our employees to eliminate excessively long workdays and ensure steady health management. We not only tackle issues related to labor practices that are highlighted in Japan, but also measures to improve global labor issues, such as preventing forced labor and child labor through compliance with the Core Labor Standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) and national labor acts, as well as taking preventive measures against infectious diseases in response to the further globalization of businesses.


General management of safety and health by the Board of Directors

We appoint the Director and Managing Executive Officer in charge of Safety, and the Representative Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer as Chair of the Central Occupational Safety and Health Management Committee, at the center of safety and health management. In this way, we ensure general management of safety by the Board of Directors.

Furthermore, Daiwa House Industry holds regular meetings of the "Central Occupational Safety and Health Management Committee," which is composed of company executives and heads of the technology, production, and administrative divisions. The committee meets to get a solid grasp of the current state of occupational safety and health at the company, and to discuss related issues. The details of the meetings are announced at a joint board of directors’ meeting, with the participation of directors and executive officers, and are incorporated into the process of setting the "Basic Policy to Promote Safety and Health at Work."

As an organizational structure for safety management, the Director and Managing Executive Officer is in charge of General Safety Management. In total, five Executive Officers overseeing single-family houses, cluster housing, and construction are appointed in charge of Safety at the Design and Construction Department, which promotes the design & construction of buildings.

Important matters concerning safety at individual branch offices are reported to the Executive Officer in charge of General Safety Management, from the Executive Officers in charge of Safety at the Design and Construction Department and from the Safety Management Department. The Executive Officer in charge of General Safety Management also escalates important matters to the Directors and Audit and Supervisory Board Members when necessary. Through the general management of measures related to safety and health as above, the routes of orders to individual branch offices are clarified.

Risk management system for work safety

We primarily operate in the construction industry, and therefore accidents on construction sites are risks of high priority. We therefore require serious accidents to be reported to the Secretariat of the Risk Management Committee, and endeavor to prevent the recurrence of such accidents on a company-wide scale, in combination with the management systems as described above.

Dissemination concerning safety and health to employees

We issue the "Basic Policy to Promote Safety and Health at Work" every fiscal year, in order to disseminate safety and health targets to be attained by employees. To attain these targets, the head and employees of each branch office understand the "Basic Policy to Promote Safety and Health at Work," and prepare a "Safety and Health Management Plan" through consultation. The Plan is disseminated to employees and partner companies through the safety and health committees and councils, the majority of which consists of regular employees, thereby bolstering our safety and health management structures. Through these efforts, we aim at enhancing the workplace environment with high work efficiency and with zero accidents.

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