Daiwa House Group Social Regulations and Policies

The Daiwa House Group has established rules and policies based on the Company Philosophy, the Management Vision, and the Guidelines for Conduct.

Basic Policy of Respect for Human Rights

The Daiwa House Group declares in its Principles of Corporate Ethics its stance on respect for human rights: "We respect basic human rights and the dignity of all people, and do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, presence / absence of disability, age, creed, or social status."

Principles of Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct

In 2014, we revised the Principles of Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct that should be kept in mind and practiced by employees.

CSR Procurement Guidelines

Our CSR Procurement Guidelines establish 7 principles that underline the social and environmental responsibilities we expect of our business partners in a "Business Partner Code of Conduct." They expand off this code to more articulately define 20 social and environmental requirements for our business partners under our "Corporate Activity Guidelines."

Principles of Community Co-Creation Activities

The fundamental approach that we use to develop Community Co-creation Activities is espoused in our "Principles of Community Co-creation Activities".

Basic Policy of Anti-corruption

The Daiwa House Group has formulated Anti-Bribery Regulations and Identification Regulations to build a system to strictly prohibit and prevent bribery, money laundering, misappropriation and other corrupt practices contravening the law.

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