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Long-Term Social Vision

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Medium-Term CSR Plan

Medium-Term CSR Plan

In order to bring about our sustainable vision, we established a Medium-Term CSR Plan to strengthen our management foundation, put into effect in fiscal 2016. The Medium-Term CSR Plan includes long-term visions for both society and environment, and together with the Medium-Term Management Plan we have determined CSR materiality for a three-year objective. We will then use a revised CSR self-assessment index based on the performance of these plans, to manage progress for each fiscal year, eventually sharing topics and improvement measures with related departments through the Group CSR Committee, and the Group Environmental Promotion Committee. Finally, we intend to meet our objective by incorporating the PDCA cycle.

The selection process for CSR materiality


Identify and arrange the themes
The Group has added and verified priority issues from ISO 26000, GRI guidelines, etc. along with Japan’s primary social issues to the CSR activities we are already involved in. In addition, 22 issues have been extracted from various sources as candidates for CSR materiality. And after identifying each issue’s range of influence, we have determined an assessment method.


Confirmation of validity
We must make sure there are no gaps between what our company deems important, and the level of importance held by society’s demands and expectations. To do this, we hold stakeholders’ meetings to discuss each of the candidates for CSR materiality, while dialoguing with experts on the social and environmental perspectives. This approach has deepened our understanding on the importance of each theme from a stakeholder perspective.


Identification of materiality (most important priority issues)
Similar to Step 2, we performed final validation within the company, and identified which candidates should be considered the CSR materiality.

Important themes for society

Important themes for the environment


Set up assessment index
- Manage objectives via CSR self-assessment index -
Items selected as CSR materiality are then weighted by our independent management system, CSR self-assessment index, and a PDCA cycle is incorporated to aid us in meeting our objectives.

Medium-Term CSR Plan (2016~2018)

Regarding "society", we will respond to challenges in relation to each stakeholder and our company with the aim of building a relationship of trust with stakeholders. With regard to the "environment", we aim to balance the environment with corporate earnings, with the priority challenge of preventing global warming, harmonizing with the natural environment, protecting resources, and prevention of pollution by chemical substances, through a value chain such as procurement, company activities and products We will accelerate efforts, and we will steadily implement our efforts to attain the goal of FY 2018.

Building a trusting relationship with stakeholders

By understanding what is expected of our company through interaction and dialogue with our stakeholders, and working to meet those expectations as a corporate citizen, our hope is to build a trusting relationship with them.


  • Provide high quality products
  • Proper communication with customers
  • Long-term efforts to earn trust

Business partners

  • Fair competition
  • Encourage business partners in CSR efforts
  • Improve labor conditions and ensure human resources for construction subcontractors


  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment
  • Develop human resources
  • Create a workplace where a diverse range of employees can work flexibly
  • Provide employment opportunities for exceptional human resources

Local residents

  • Active involvement in, and collaboration with other parties for local community development
  • Contribute to the community by sharing business knowledge gleaned through experience

Coexistence of environmental sustainability and corporate profitability

We are accelerating our environmental initiatives under the concept of promoting integrated environmental management within our Group and globally based on the life cycle approach to ensure that corporate profitability can coexist with environmental sustainability.

Prevention of global warming

  • Promoting the construction of zero energy houses, buildings and towns
  • Expanding the power generation business by adopting renewable energy

Harmony with the natural environment

  • Promoting sustainable wood procurement
  • Promoting the preservation and creation of green spaces in development and town planning

Conservation of natural resources, Water resource conservation

  • Promoting the application of the "3Rs" to construction waste
  • Promoting the adoption of resource-recycling products (exhibiting greater durability and longer service life and conserving resources) Promoting reproduction building materials

Prevention of chemical pollution, Prevention of soil contamination

  • Further improving indoor air quality in residential facilities
  • Strengthening the management of soil contamination risks during land purchases

Create a CSR mindset and strengthen management systems

We will create a CSR mindset by revitalizing our organizations through business improvements, and create a solid management foundation through increased awareness.

Risk management

  • Risk management
  • Human rights awareness-raising
  • Handle human rights issues


  • Ethical conduct
  • Corporate ethics / compliance with laws
  • Safety

Invester relations

  • Transparency
  • Stakeholder engagement

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