CSR Management Foundation

Working to become a sustainable company

To fulfill our role as an public instrument of the community,
Daiwa House Group must continue to "spread business that contributes to the community in great harmony,"
and meet ESG expectations (environment, society, and governance).


Top Commitment

A detailed introduction to Daiwa House Group's sustainability management activities from our chairman and president.

Daiwa House Group's Business Philosophy

An introduction to our business philosophy and summary of corporate ethics.

CSR Vision and Guidelines

We believe in the importance of "co-creating a brighter future" with the community to take on various issues.

Communication Policy

We are working to understand and meet the demands we face as a group through relationships and dialogs with our stakeholders.

Performance data

An introduction to various items issued by Daiwa House Group, including CSR reports, environmental reports, CSR progress, and awards received.

CSR Activities(for the environment and community)

Environmental efforts

Target of zero impact on environment throughout life cycle of housing and other buildings

For a healthy environment to co-exist with corporate earnings, we are working to bring about housing, buildings, and cities powered by renewable energy such as wind, sunlight, and water.

Commitment to Society

We're now starting to work together with the local community and people

As a corporate citizen, we communicate sincerely with our stakeholders, and carry out various activities to constantly meet social demands. Click here for an introduction to the philosophy and activities behind these efforts.

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