Commitment to Society

Co-creating a Brighter Future.

Our products and services connect us to the people who live in our homes.
While seeking to achieve a society of enriched living through a wide range of businesses,
the Daiwa House Group is promoting CSR activities based on its theme of "co-creating a brighter future."


Together with Our Customers

Through our customer satisfaction activities, we work to reflect the "customer's voice" in a variety of different business operations, taking one step beyond a "customer orientation" to an "individual customer-based philosophy" as a standard for our activities (considering each individual customer's perspective). We promote corporate activities based on the principle that we want to be a company beloved by our customers.

Together with Our Bisiness Partners

Daiwa House has created a supply chain network that includes companies that help by performing work, companies that help by procuring materials, and companies that help by procuring equipment. We maintain an excellent level of quality based on coexistence and mutual prosperity by supporting the operation of these three types of independent organizations, while promoting efforts to establish important issues and goals between each organization.

Together with Our Shareholders

Daiwa House's top executives lead and promote our investor relation activities, seeking to improve our corporate value even further by building a long-term trust relationship with shareholders and investors. We seek to maximize our corporate value by proactively engaging in bidirectional communication while diligently listening to the opinions of our shareholders.

Together with Our Local Residents

As the Daiwa House Group expands with branch offices throughout the nation, our relationship with each regional society is an indispensable part of our business activities. We engage in dialog with the people of each community, are aware of local issues, and work to resolve them through coexistence-focused activities.

Together with Our Employees

"Developing people through business" is part of our company philosophy, and we feel that "human resources" are the most important assets of all. By nurturing and applying the individuality and capabilities of our employees while promoting forward-thinking efforts, we have constructed a system that can flexibly support individual lifestyles, values, and ways of working.

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