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Together with Our Partners

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Fair Competition

In the Daiwa House Group, we look at our suppliers as business partners out to complete the same job. The fact that we can offer customer-satisfying quality owes to a vast supply chain of material and equipment manufacturers, installers, aftercare service providers and other supporting businesses.

That said, we are very much in agreement with the "Regulations for Construction Work Contracting" of the Construction Industry Act where it states, "The concerned parties of a construction work contract must conclude a fair contract based on agreement from equivalent standpoints and must observe the contract in good faith." We also transact business with business partners who are protected under the subcontracting law in the full spirit of the law. Additionally, in our "Principles of Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct," we honor our partnerships with our business partners, seek good relations with them and aspire for the healthy development of the industry as a whole under principle of free market competition. In that, we call for "good relations with our business partners," "refusal to use a dominant bargaining position" and "fair and free competition" because "Co-creating a Brighter Future" with our business partners is the underlying principle. Moreover, in our "Basic Procurement Policy," we require that business transactions be "fair, legally compliant, highly ethical and based on market principles" and that that be made known to our business partners.

Excerpted from the Daiwa House Group’s "Principles of Corporate Ethics and Code of Conduct"

With business partners

We value our collaboration and cooperation with business partners, and work to create appropriate mutual relationships.
In line with the principle of free market competition, we work to realize the healthy development of the whole industry.

Excerpted from the Daiwa House Group’s "Basic Procurement Policy"

Participation in the Declaration of Partnership Building

Daiwa House Industry participated in the Declaration of Partnership Building established by the Cabinet Office and other organizations. Through this declaration, we have affirmed to society that we will adhere to appropriate business practices with subcontractors. To establish coexistence and mutual prosperity with business partners, we will comply with the declaration’s requirements on business with subcontractors, which include those relating to “appropriate pricing,” “appropriate execution of contracts and payment of subcontracting charges,” “handling of intellectual property and expertise” and “prevention of unfair practices that may accompany change, e.g., to ways of working.”

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