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Accelerating Global Business Expansion by Building a Platform for Long-term Growth

 Daiwa House Industry was founded in 1955 on the basis of a corporate mission of contributing to the “industrialization of construction.” The first product to be developed was the Pipe House. This was followed by the Midget House, among other new products, opening up the way to origin of Japan’s prefabricated houses. Since then, the Company has expanded across a wide field of operations, including Single-Family Houses, its core business, Rental Housing, Condominiums, Commercial Facilities, general business-use buildings, Environmental and Energy Business. Daiwa House Industry has to date supplied more than 1.87 million residences (single-family houses, rental housing, and condominiums), over 45,000 commercial facilities, and 9,000-plus medical and nursing care facilities. In addition to strengthening the Existing Homes Business, which includes home renovations and the purchase and resale business, we are working on the Livness Town Project, which involves the redevelopment of single-family home complexes we developed in the past.

 Today, as a group working to co-create value for individuals, communities and people’s lifestyles, to apply our group’s strengths and provide one-stop solutions for the upstream and downstream sides of business in response to the needs of an ever-changing society, we work tirelessly towards pioneering a path for the future by engaging in community-oriented business in both Japan and overseas.

 FY2022 marks the start of our 7th Medium-Term Management Plan. While previously we outlined three-year plans, we set a longer period of five years for this plan. As we predict dramatic changes in our operating environment, including environmental issues, declines in the workforce population, and the acceleration of digitalization, over the next five-year period, we will create a sustainable platform for the future.

 In addition to accelerating business development in markets around the world, particularly in North America, Europe, Oceania, and ASEAN countries, we will also promote ZEH and ZEB, initiatives aimed at achieving carbon neutrality, as we aim for the realization of a sustainable society.

 The COVID-19 pandemic caused dramatic changes in society, including how we live and what we value. Backed by the pioneering spirit that Daiwa House Industry has embraced since our founding, we continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by continuously pursuing future-oriented business growth and creating societal value that addresses new consumer needs.

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