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Take joy in life and
fill your future
with living color.

Feel a fresh experience, everyday, just by stepping out from your front door. In persevering to hone our housing construction skills, we have been expanding perspectives and ideas to enrich lives, and are driving toward a future that will bring people and society closer together.

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Three thoughts

everyday life

Home centers and business hotels, reliable partners for living

your mind and body

Making your life extraordinary. Fitness and hotels for a healthy heart

Toward a thrilling

Raising your quality of life and creating vivid scenes you will want to show your children

Giving form to the three thoughts

Without overlooking the little things in life, we set our sights on overcoming even greater challenges. By bringing to bear the expertise and thoughts of the Daiwa House Group, we will create future lifestyles that give form to a new ubiquity.

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Community redevelopment

This is the development of the Livness Town Project, taking place in Neopolis, a previously developed suburban housing complex. In addition to resolving issues such as the aging population and declining birthrate, as well as unoccupied homes, we are pushing ahead with efforts to heighten the appeal of communities and to redevelop towns into places where people will continue to live.

Livness Town Project
Kamigo Neopolis

The Livness Town Project is a participatory community development endeavor that builds town value that will continue to shine into the future by working with its residents for close-knit town living.



A public toilet to demonstrate

Japanese hospitality

Toilets are a symbol of Japan’s world-famous culture of hospitality. Toilets like you have never seen are commonplace in Shibuya. This is an effort to create a society that embraces diversity.


In this project, young employees of the company, together with 16 creators who are active around the world, transform public toilets in 17 locations in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. This is an epic project realized with the cooperation of so many partners, including the Nippon Foundation, Shibuya Ward, creators, and property owners, as well as our experience in other schemes.



Making a colorful life

Fostering relationships between people with a sustainable community, we hope to bring happiness through these small moth orchids. The Daiwa House Group’s cultivation business, Cocolan, was started with this in mind.

Cultivating miniature moth orchids

At the Cocolan House, located in Midorigaoka Neopolis in Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture, we cultivate miniature moth orchids, or Cocolan, using our proprietary techniques. As symbolic flowers that add joy to special occasions, a diverse group of people living in the city carefully nurtures them one by one, and then they are delivered nationwide with the wishes of the recipient.



New value for your Japan journey

MIMARU apartment hotels combine the Japanese words for everyone (mina) and stay (tomaru).
With large guest rooms equipped with kitchen, living, and dining facilities, the MIMARU represents a new journey in self-catering hotel accommodation.

Pokemon Rooms: Special places for having fun

As the hotel for everyone, the Pokemon Rooms* at the MIMARU will add to the delight of family and friends.
A giant Snorlax doll (Kabigon)awaits you in these rooms filled with a sense of fun that no Pokemon fan could resist, with table and wall coverings that feature a Monster Ball motif. As such, the rooms embody the MIMARU feeling, being a special place where you will spend precious time away from your daily routine.

  • * Available at seven MIMARU hotels in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka
  • * The décor of the Pokemon Rooms in guest accommodation has undergone some changes, with the red Monster-Ball-themed bed covers replaced by towel blankets that also have a Monster Ball design.

Pokemon Room



Creating a community

that connects today
with the future,
and that
brings people together

There are any number of ways to redevelop communities where the happiness of children is contagious and multiple generations intermingle. This is one of the efforts we make to develop the town into a place we can be proud of into the future.

Livness Town Project
The Sakura Project in Matsugaoka,
Kaga City

In 2010 we launched the Sakura Project as part of our activities to coexist with the local community to pass on the “splendor of harmony” to the children who will be responsible for the future. The project’s intent is to pass on the experience of using all five senses through Japanese musical instrument performances and cherry tree planting, as well as that of being a cherry tree guardian to preserve these trees for the next generation, while viewing these sights under an azure-blue sky. This is what the Livness Town Project can do to make the town you live in more appealing and a place you will want to continue to live in.



A place where all can shine

Daiwa House Bloom tackles the challenge of creating unique sites that embody the feelings of all who work there.
This is the story of how the hope to create a place where everyone can shine came to fruition, symbolized by a small Cocolan orchid.

The products of human resource diversity
Special-purpose subsidiary Daiwa House Bloom

Daiwa House Bloom was established in April 2021 as a special-purpose subsidiary of Daiwa House, while the cultivation facility Cocolan House came to be in order to provide a place for both the disabled and the elderly to shine together with the community through the cultivation of miniature moth orchids.
This is a place where diverse ideas from teenagers, people in their 70s, and all those in between, come together to discover a better way of working and where the feelings of the orchid growers are conveyed to the public. Cocolan orchids bring smiles to the faces of both the giver and the receiver, and every day, this is where each one of the diverse growers sends them off with a smile.



Reforestation business
- To let people live in harmony
with the natural environment -

Taking full advantage of the region's resources, we have created and nurtured our natural environment value model in collaboration with local residents

The ASONOHARA Grassland Cultivation Project

The value of reforestation is clearly seen now that we have – for over 40 years nationwide – offered our customers a lifestyle in forest residential areas that coexist with nature.
In the city of Aso, in Kumamoto Prefecture, many customers have been enthralled by the magnificent natural beauty of the area, and the community we have created there enables residents to live in harmony with the environment.
The ASONOHARA project realizes biodiversity by allowing completely untouched nature and semi-artificial green landscape to exist side-by-side.
This grassland cultivation project has been launched to protect this beautiful landscape and pass it on to future generations.



Rediscovering the attractions
of the local countryside

The Daiwa Lease park business helps revitalize local communities and create new value.
We are building attractive parks that serve both as a symbol of the prosperous city and as places for regional revitalization and community formation.

The Daiwa Lease park business

Daiwa Lease improves and manages parks using private-sector funding and know-how to address the issues that parks and other green spaces face, such as aging facilities, the need to respond to changes in fiscal policy, and the cost of maintenance. We contribute to urban development and regional revitalization through the integration of various business domains and diverse collaborations.



Toward greater diversity in our hotels

Premier-quality space, DEL-style concept hotel that matches your lifestyle

REBRAND - Daiwa Roynet Hotels embarks on rebranding project -

Seeking a new type of hotel. There are as many types of travel as there are customers. At Daiwa Roynet Hotels, we offer a variety of hotel stays, and are developing services that meet customers' preferences and needs. From luxurious and quiet-toned rooms to those with innovative designs, the pleasure of choosing a hotel is where your trip starts. Daiwa Roynet Hotels has embarked on a quest to realize true diversity.

Daiwa Roynet Hotels



Living prosperously,
true to one’s self,
in the age of 100-year lifespans

Daiwa House Life Support operates two sets of fee-based facilities, the “Neo Summit” homes for active seniors, as well as the “Mominoki” chain that also offers nursing care. In this way we endeavor to bring form to the thoughts and dreams of residents and their families.

Inspiration Project “Daiwa House Life Support’s Crystallization of Thoughts”

The staff members who attend to the daily lives of residents have thought out “what is it we can do?” and are focusing their efforts on an “inspiration project,” doing their utmost to help people bring to reality what they have left undone or given up on in their lives. The sense of fulfillment and accomplishment derived from dreams and goals is the “joy of living,” and that contributes color to the final chapter of life.



Supporting the future of school pools

We are committed to “never giving up on swimming lessons” by leveraging the skills and human resources cultivated over the years at our kids’ swimming school.

Swimming class support business, “Sports Club NAS”

Swimming classes at elementary and junior high schools face a myriad of issues, from aging facilities to maintenance and management, as well as the burden placed on instructors.
Now, Sports Club NAS offers new hope by preparing a variety of options for school swimming classes.
What we do is implement support for classes in line with the requirements set by respective local authorities. At indoor pool facilities unaffected by weather conditions, staff members with a wealth of experience provide guidance to support children’s swimming lessons. This is a business we hope to expand nationwide.



A dialogue with people and communities

With an eye to the future, we conduct dialogue with Neopolis residents, and promote efforts with the goal of redevelopment communities as places where people want to move in to and remain as residents.

Neopolis Summit 2024, “Toward a Neopolis redevelopment”

We held the Neopolis Summit to share information on the issues facing communities, such as vacant houses in line with an aging population and the fraying of local ties, as well as to provide a forum for dialogue to bring communities closer to the image of places that people believe are good to live in, and this has built momentum for “redevelopment” activities. To reside in a place is to live there, and this is a prelude to the redevelopment of communities where people can share the joy of life.


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