Action Plan for the Environment

Action Plan for the Environment (Endless Green Program)

Calculating backward from the long-term environmental vision, we have set 2025 to 2030 as a milestone for achieving the vision. We formulate concrete targets and plans as the Endless Green Program (EGP) nearly every three years in accord with the period of a medium-term management plan to promote it.
In the EGP, we identify "four environmental themes (social issues)," which are of much interest to stakeholders and closely related to our business, and we work on them at three phases: procurement; business activities; and products and services.

Long-Term Environmental Vision "Challenge ZERO 2055"

History of the Action Plan for the Environment

History of the Action Plan for the Environment

Overall Action Plan for the Environment

Overall Action Plan for the Environment

Establishing targets through "backcasting"

In identifying the targets for our four themes introduced above, we applied the technique of "backcasting" for the Long-Term Environmental Vision we formulated as our objective for 2055, when Daiwa House Industry will mark its 100th anniversary. We have identified the period from 2025 to 2040 as our milestones, and have indicated the levels to be attained after three years.

Action Plan for the Environment (Endless Green Program 2021)

In the Endless Green Program 2021 (fiscal 2019 to 2021), which expands the scope of application to all the Group companies including overseas ones, we are going to accelerate integrated environmental management within our Group and globally based on the life cycle approach to ensure that corporate profitability can coexist with environmental sustainability with emphasis on efforts for "carbon-free."

Co-creating a Brighter Future with the Environment

Key policies of Endless Green Program 2021

  1. 1. Promoting "carbon-free" in the fields of products and monozukuri* for achieving SBT, EP100, and RE100
  2. 2. Promoting win-win cooperation for reducing environmental risks in supply chains
  3. 3. Promoting the development and dissemination of environmentally conscious products and services for boosting business competitiveness
  4. 4. Advancing strategic eco communication for improving environmental brand and ESG assessment
  5. 5. Enhancing integrated environmental management within the Group and globally for advancing environmental management

Policies of Endless Green Program 2021

Policies of Endless Green Program 2021

Results and Self-Assessment of the Environmental Action Plan (Endless Green Program 2018)

* Please refer to the "Sustainability Report 2019" for details.

Identification of materiality (priority issues)

Products and Case

List of Special Eco Report

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