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Hannan NeopolisKanan, Osaka

Hannan Neopolis in the Minamikawachi district of Osaka is a suburban housing complex made up of single-family dwellings that went on sale from 1972, taking the form of a fully planned “blue and green” community that provides a life where residents are free to relax away from the noise of the city. Although somewhat distant from Osaka and Umeda (about 90 minutes by train), today as in the past, the neighborhood remains one that corresponds to the ideal of many families, meeting the needs of parents who want to raise their children where they can enjoy an uncluttered environment.

With many people of similar age having come to live at the housing complex in its early years, the aging of the resident population started to become more readily apparent from the late 1990s. With the closure of childcare facilities and the number of empty lots and vacant homes rising to more than 70 as the district lost population, rather than “a place where people are free to live a relaxed life” it came more often to seem rather lonely and quiet. In response, to start by gaining a good knowledge of the community, we set out to consult with community organization members and other residents about how best to go about revitalization.

The first step in the Hannan Neopolis development was to create opportunities that would get everyone living in the area to think about their community. Based on the views expressed by local residents, we came to realize that an emphasis on building relationships between people was more important than anything else, with feedback recognizing that, while a large project does not get completed in a day, the way to deliver a better outcome is by getting a large number of people onboard as active participants.

The year before last, a community consultation event was held at a loaned venue in the neighborhood. Many people attended, from children to the elderly. The residents told us about what made their town special, including its educational and cultural facilities and a popular hill known for its sakura cherry trees. They also spoke about their current difficulties and concerns. The goal is to become a place that addresses the challenges it faces by forging relationships with a wide range of people, and where people feel a shared conviction.

Hannan Neopolis

  • Arrival of first residents: 1972
  • Site area: 740,000m2(approx.) (about 16 times the area of the Tokyo Dome)
  • Number of lots: 1,980 (approx.)
  • Percentage of elderly: 38% (approx.) (as of 2020)
  • Number of residents: 4,532 (as of 2020)

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