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Toyosato NeopolisToyosato Neopolis

Toyosato Neopolis is a quiet housing complex developed in 1977 in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture.
Blessed with rich natural surroundings, the Neopolis has become home to many residents who enjoy living amid scenery that changes with the seasons.
The 2,100 or so dwellings that make up the housing complex are home to approximately 6,100 people. As with many such neighborhoods around Japan, it is experiencing an aging population and low birthrate, with an ongoing rise in the number of residents living alone.
To overcome these community challenges, workshops are being held to draw on collective wisdom. From parents with young families through to the elderly, the workshops are attended by residents of many different ages, along with companies, universities, and the government.

A goal of town planning activities at Toyosato Neopolis is to give shape to feedback from the public and municipality.
We see the building of relationships with large numbers of residents as being a first step, utilizing dialogue and surveys in particular to assess how the neighborhood is currently situated in terms of the challenges it faces.
The second step is to consult with residents about these issues in order to plan actions that will make their neighborhood a better place, leading ultimately to these being tried in practice.
Through these trials, we hope to fulfill our goal of implementing these ideas in the form of town management practices that can be carried on by the next generation.

We are partnering with local residents to make Toyosato Neopolis into a place where people will want to continue living or make their new home.

Toyosato Neopolis

  • Arrival of first residents: 1977
  • Site area: 1,360,000m2(approx.) (about 26 times the area of the Tokyo Dome)
  • Number of lots: 2,500 (approx.)
  • Percentage of elderly: 27% (approx.) (as of 2020)
  • Number of residents: 6,145 (as of 2020)

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