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Tokorozawa NeopolisTokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture

Tokorozawa is the fourth most populous municipality in Saitama Prefecture. The Tokorozawa Neopolis development was built in its Tomioka neighborhood in 1970. Conveniently located for commuting to Shinjuku or Ikebukuro, it remains a popular place to live for people who work in the city.

With a rich natural environment, the 132,351 m2 site is on mostly level ground and is served by a full range of nearby healthcare and nursing facilities, making it a home for many families with children.
However, the number of elderly living alone has increased over time. On top of this, the lack of a supermarket within walking distance and the infrequency of public transportation services pose problems for the increasing number of residents who are no longer able to maintain their driving license.

Daiwa House employees at Tokorozawa Neopolis have been participating in residents' association activities (including cleaning and crime prevention patrols) and resident activities (including tai chi and looking after new entrants to elementary school). They have also worked with local farmers to hold farm day events and held consultations on community issues.
We intend to continue engaging in these initiatives that address local issues in partnership with residents, its goal being the sustainable development of the housing complex as a place where people will want to stay as residents or choose as their new home.

In the future, we will continue with these efforts to work with the community to overcome the challenges it faces with the goal of making Tokorozawa Neopolis a place where people will want to stay as residents or choose as their new home. Recognizing how farming represents a community resource for Tokorozawa, this work includes plans for making use of farms as places for forging connections among the different generations living in the district so that everyone can live a happy and healthy life. It also involves getting together with residents to consider issues such as how to make the most of open space.

Tokorozawa Neopolis

  • Arrival of first residents: 1970
  • Site area: 130,000 m2 (approx.)
  • Number of lots: 680 (approx.)
  • Percentage of elderly: 37% (approx.) (as of 2020)
  • Number of residents (Oaza Shimotomi): 5,425 (as of 2020)

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