REVOLUTION 3 The Lifestyle Revolution The day was near when people would no longer be satisfied simply with wealth in material goods, but would demand a truly fulfilling lifestyle. Nobuo Ishibashi was one of those who heard the footsteps of this approaching new age.
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Creating resorts for a more affluent lifestyle
The 1950s to the 1970s was Japan's period of rapid economic growth, and the average person's living standards rose sharply. But Nobuo Ishibashi realized that the day would soon come when people would no longer be satisfied with material possessions, and would demand a "truly fulfilling lifestyle." He thus embarked on the development of a resort where people could relax and take time off from their incessantly work-filled daily lives.
Multipurpose resorts inject vitality into local communities
The long north-to-south sweep of the Japanese archipelago produces a range of beautiful scenic views that change with the passing seasons, and there are many undiscovered tourist attractions. Nobuo Ishibashi saw that resort development projects would help foster local industries, which would employ more of the inhabitants, thus revitalizing regional economies, and he was eager to make this scenario a reality. His development of a multipurpose resort fully ten years before the Diet passed a law to promote resort development would bring about a revolution in the lifestyle of the Japanese public.
Dreams are the driving force behind great achievements
Nobuo Ishibashi was the motive force behind three revolutions – in construction, housing, and lifestyle – and throughout his 81 years of life he constantly gave thought to what he could do for Japan. He continually preached the message that the raison d'être of a company's management was to use business operations to train and educate people, and thereby help society as a whole to develop. And even as we speak, his belief is being tirelessly transmitted to the next generation.
Today's Daiwa House Group owes its existence to the lifestyle revolution initiated by our founder Nobuo Ishibashi. Click here to take a look at the Group's current business operations. Business Fields Life
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The Lifestyle Revolution