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NEXT REVOLUTION New Value Creation The Daiwa House Group has inherited the spirit of Nobuo Ishibashi, and that is why we work ceaselessly to provide society with products and services that offer new value.
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Creating value for tomorrow's world under the banner of "Asu Fukaketsuno"
Ishibashi Nobuo has passed on his aspirations for the Daiwa House Group to us, and we continue to take on the challenge of creating new businesses that will bring fresh value to society. The key phrase that informs our efforts is "Asu Fukaketsuno," which means "indispensable for tomorrow." This phrase consists of the initial syllables of the Japanese words for safety & comfort, speed/stock, welfare, the environment, health, ICT, and agriculture. We believe that for us, the creation of businesses in all these fields will be indispensable in tomorrow's world. It is our mission to pursue such businesses and in so doing address society's major issues.
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Toward the future
Toward the end of his life, Nobuo Ishibashi passed on to his successors his dream that the Daiwa House Group would achieve annual sales of ¥10 trillion by the 100th anniversary of the founding of Daiwa House Industry. To realize this dream requires us to see beyond the immediate future and continue giving birth to new businesses that meet the needs of a society that has not yet come into being. Create a sustainable town that leads to solving social issues such as decarbonization and regional revitalization.We hope that through such initiatives the Daiwa House Group can become a business entity that will continue contributing to society for as long as it exists.
Across the globe
As we have seen, the Daiwa House Group has brought new value to the construction and housing industries, to the overall lifestyle of the Japanese people, and to Japanese society at large. And we hope that our business operations will benefit not just Japan but the whole world. Even now we are moving into new fields in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United States, and are working to provide societies in every corner of the world with the products and services they need.
Ceaseless striving, together with individuals and society at large
The Daiwa House Group aims to continue being a business entity that is of service to the world. To do so, we must observe the direction in which society is moving from a broad perspective, and where there are problems, we must tackle them. The lessons that our founder Nobuo Ishibashi taught us are now part of our corporate DNA, and they imbue the very spirit of the Daiwa House Group. This spirit spurs us to continue moving forward – to strive together with society at large, together with individual customers and stakeholders. At the Daiwa House Group, we will never cease putting our full efforts into realizing our founder's dream.
What should we do to realize new value creation? For a sustainable future
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New Value Creation