Participation of diverse human resources 2 (Disabled persons, etc.)

Promoting the workplace participation of senior citizens

In accordance with the revision of the Act on the Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons, in fiscal 2013, we raised our company’s retirement age from 60 to 65. Our reemployment system for staff over the conventional retirement age used to involve fixed-term contracts and a fixed-wage structure, but by raising the age limit itself, employees can now work in a more stable system of employment. We have established a system that considers each individual's achievements in determining their wages, which serves to motivate elderly employees toward achieving results which matches a salary rise. In fiscal 2015, we also established the Active Seniors System, which allows for the reemployment of staff over the age of 65. With "lifetime active service" as a slogan, we offer annual part-time contracts to senior citizens of any age, as long as they are healthy and meet the requirements of the company. By keeping on elderly personnel with the ability and desire to continue working, we are certain they will contribute to the development of our company by training the younger generation, and passing down connections and skills to them.

Promoting the employment of disabled persons

Our company does not assign disabled staff to specified occupations, but rather, just as with other employees, assigns them to various departments, such as sales, design, construction, and management, according to their abilities.

We introduced the “comuoon”* desktop communication support system to 100 facilities throughout Japan, including our offices and plants, and shopping centers. This system facilitates conversation with those who are hard of hearing. We use it not only with employees, but also with customers who use our facilities, to provide a secure living environment for the elderly and disabled.

* Developed and manufactured by Universal Sound Design Inc.

Our group company Daiwa LifeNext Co., Ltd., aiming to create a work environment suited to the various aptitudes of disabled people and proper employment management, in 2011 founded Daiwa Life Plus Co., Ltd., which was certified as a special-purpose subsidiary. Its initiatives to help keep disabled workers in their jobs won the company an award of excellence in the fiscal 2013 for successful examples of workplace improvement for disabled persons.

A Daiwa Life Plus employee communicating in sign language

Fiscal 2013 award of excellence for workplace improvement for disabled persons (Daiwa Life Plus)

Promoting activities for co-existence with local communities (dispatching visiting lecturers to schools)

One of our employees acting
as a visiting lecturer

Our disabled employees are contributing to local communities through utilization of their skills to help solve social problems by acting as visiting lecturers at schools.

In December 2020, one of our disabled employees acted as a career education instructor at his alma mater, the Osaka Prefectural Ikuno Special Support School, in order to help the students foster a sense of hard work and career by communicating to children the importance of facing their own disabilities and studying to achieve their dreams.
His lecture in sign language lasted for two and a half hours and the students paid careful attention as he told them about the difficulties he has overcome.

[A message from the employee who gave the lecture]
Many children with hearing impairment are anxious about their futures. The students focused intently as I told them how I have overcome my disability, and their eyes sparkled when I talked about my work and duties.
I will continue to do my best in order to give hope to children with the same disability.

Promoting the training and participation of global personnel

Leader-class employees
from overseas subsidiaries
of seven countries sharing
in active discussion

In anticipation of our company’s further global expansion in the near future, we have been sending employees to IUJ (the International University of Japan in Minami-Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture) every year since 2011. They are sent to acquire management skills for global business, and to increase their understanding of other cultures, in training of leader-class human resources.

Aiming to train excellent foreign employees into global human resources, from fiscal 2012 to 2017 we invited local employees selected by our overseas group company DH (Dalian) Administrative Management Consulting Center Co., Ltd. (Dalian City, China) to Japan as exchange students for between one and three years. In fiscal 2018, we started the D’s Global Leaders Summit training in Japan for leader-class employees of our overseas subsidiaries. It aims to increase participants’ understanding of the values of our group (inheriting the spirit of our founder) and their management skills. It also helps them enrich their networks and utilize their training and overseas exchange to contribute to our overseas companies.

Through our efforts to train global human resources for the entire group, we are building a foundation to expand business overseas in the future.

Promoting the workplace participation of LGBT

A presentation
at “work with Pride 2019 Osaka”
(One of our employees is on the far right.)

As our company’s efforts to promote the workplace participation of LGBT and other sexual minorities, we are increasing understanding of LGBT and creating a corporate culture in which diverse human resources can work with peace of mind to be their best, through training and dissemination of information via the company intranet and participation in movie screenings and events that utilize networks outside the company.

To further advance our initiatives, we spent two years creating a map for the road ahead that is based on an index. In June 2020, we welcomed Ayumu Horikawa of Akaruku Inc. as a consultant to advise us on the promotion of LGBT workplace participation. We will continue to accelerate our efforts for greater diversity and inclusion.

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