The Daiwa House Group's Business Operations and Strengths

Single-Family Houses Business

Providing a wide-ranging product lineup that anticipates future needs

Having honed its advanced technology as a pioneer of industrialized housing, Daiwa House’s single-family houses supply infrastructure essential to people’s wellbeing, namely the shelter that, along with food and clothing, forms one of the three necessities of life. To date, we have sold over 630,000 such houses. Despite the shrinking population and falling number of new housing starts in Japan, ways of living that are safe, secure, comfortable, and enriching are still in strong demand. Daiwa House is committed to expanding its share through our product lineup always at the forefront of the needs of the times and our expert teams of sales, architects, and construction engineers that stay close to our customers in every single process. We intend to continue working through our business to maintain the infrastructure of society.

[Principal companies] Daiwa House Industry, Stanley Martin Group, Rawson Group, Trumark Group

Daiwa House Industry

The Gland Living, a model in our xevoΣ range of single-family homes, features 2.72-meter-high ceilings and continuous window-openings up to a maximum length of 7.1 meters, giving a more spacious living area than ever before. xevo GranWood

Custom-built houses

We offer residential comfort and guaranteed safety with our cutting-edge steel frame and wooden structure homes

Driven by the evolution of our proprietary technologies, we have achieved constant growth in our core business of single-family houses. We have added popular models to our lineup in anticipation of the needs of each successive generation. These include the steel-frame xevo – whose high-level seismic absorption capabilities allow it to withstand repeated massive earthquakes – and the PREMIUM GranWood, a high-quality house model with a wooden structure. Also, we have released the Wood Residence MARE, which is the most luxury single-family house designed by a newly-launched team ZIZAI DesignOffice Tokyo/Osaka made up of our top designers. By combining wooden and RC structures, we offer customers the choice of basement floors. In addition, through our "For Nature" residential environment brand we offer economically efficient, comfortable, safe, and environmental-friendly homes that not only meet all our customers’ needs, but also help realize a sustainable society thanks to their minimal environmental impact.

Our Team-xevo helps you realize your dream home – individually customized designs for custom-built houses

We listen carefully to our customers’ preferences to get a detailed understanding of their "dream house," and then plan everything down to the last detail to create ideal living spaces. Leveraging know-how acquired over many years in home building, we mobilize leading-edge technologies in fields such as earthquake resistance, durability, and energy conservation to offer strong and comfortable houses. Our "Team-xevo" concept brings together experts including sales staff, architects, interior coordinators, and construction technicians, who collaborate with each customer right from the start, up to completion of the house and beyond.

Houses in housing development projects

Developing communities where people can come together, feel at ease, and be happy

Taking fully into account the interaction that people need with the natural environment, as well as the requirements of safety, Daiwa House develops communities where residents can live comfortably. We propose "House for sharing housework" and "Telework style" in our subdivisions. There, we adopt facilities such as home delivery boxes for single-family houses and stationary dust boxes for households to meet new lifestyles. We are also working to create a lifestyle that uses renewable energy. Our housing developments feature bright, open townscapes affording attractive green vistas, where people can mingle easily with one another – communities that warm the hearts of both residents and visitors.

Overseas operations

We are currently operating businesses in the United States and Australia. Stanley Martin Holdings, LLC, which operates on the US East Coast region, joined the Group in 2017. Stanley-Martin subsequently expanded its business area through the acquisition of the single-family home businesses of Frontdoor Communities, LLC in February 2018 and Essex Homes Southeast, Inc. in January 2020.Furthermore, Trumark Companies, LLC, which offers Single-Family houses on the US West Coast region, has joined the Group in the same month. Thus, we are expanding our business in the eastern, southern and western regions. In Australia, the Rawson Group, which builds single-family houses and also operates as a land developer, joined the Group in fiscal 2018, thereby accelerating our acquisition and application of know-how relating to the housing construction business in Australia, as well as the expansion of our operations.

Single-Family Houses Business – Recent achievements (Daiwa House Industry, non-consolidated)

Single-Family Houses sold (aggregate up to March 31, 2021): Approx. 640,000 (incl. estimates for 1962–1973 period)

Single-Family Houses Business – Number of houses sold

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Custom-built houses 6,524 5,917 5,178
Houses in housing development projects 2,192 2,066 1,841
Total 8,716 7,983 7,019

Average sales per unit

(¥ Million)
FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Custom-built houses 37.3 39.6 39.6
Houses in housing development projects 24.3 22.4 23.1

Rental Housing Business

Contribute to landowners and local communities by providing high-quality housing from the perspective of residents

In our rental housing business, Daiwa House provides society with high-quality rental housing that meets the characteristics of the market and the needs of residents through our community-based business activities. The occupancy rate has reached 98% for the 610,000 properties managed by the Group. As a partner in rental housing management, we are offering comprehensive support for land owners, from site assessment, design, construction, delivery up to management. In addition, we provide high-value-added rental housing that meets the needs of the times, such as elderly-friendly housing, rental housing combined with stores, and corporate dormitories and company housing, thereby contributing to the lives and development of local communities.

[Principal companies] Daiwa House Industry, Daiwa Living COMPANIES

The Séjour Wit – a two-story apartment building product The Séjour OTT's GT– a three-story apartment building product Royal Parks ER Bandai, a medium-rise rental housing project

Rental housing business

Value-added rental housing to help pass on assets to the next generation

We provide landowners considering effective land use with comprehensive services covering everything from initial estimates of site-use potential through planning, design and construction to management support. While working to satisfy tenant needs – which are becoming more diverse with each generation – we also put forward unique solutions to meet the newly-emerging needs of female tenants two-income households, and small households in urban areas. In addition, we propose a wide variety of creative management models, including rental housing that incorporates space for retail outlets, and apartment hotels. We support the inheritance of precious family assets to the next generation and contribute to the local community through quality housing development.

Rental housing management

Maintaining long-term asset value through concerted operations in subleasing, property management, and other fields

Daiwa House provides total support for rental housing management needs through collaboration among specialist operating companies in fields such as subleasing, property management, real estate agency services, and Internet service provision. We work to maintain the attractiveness of rental housing properties even when they are no longer new, improving their added value through renovation work, and proposing the installation of the latest equipment at properties whose vacancy rates are high. We also help improve occupancy rates by extensively advertising rental home vacancies on our website, as well as through real estate agency services.

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Daiwa Living Companies

Overseas operations

In overseas markets, we established a local subsidiary in Texas in 2011 and started a rental housing development business, and we are currently operating business in Chicago; Nashville, Tennessee; and Phoenix, Arizona. The number of rental housing units under construction and in operation totals approximately 2,700.
In FY2017, the Waldorf Group, which has managed serviced apartments in Australia and New Zealand for 35 years, joined the Group.

Rental Housing Business – Recent achievements (Daiwa House Industry, non-consolidated)

Rental housing sold (aggregate up to March 31, 2021): Approx. 1,110,000 (incl. estimates for 1962–1973 period)

Rental Housing Business – Number of houses sold

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Units 37,905 33,502 29,488

Average sales per building(Building contracting)

(\ million)
FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Rental Housing 106.3 116.9 127.0

Note: Above figures are total averages for low-rise steel-frame rental housing, and medium- and high-rise rental housing.

Condominiums Business

High value-added products tailored to suit unique characteristics of each region

We develop high value-added condominiums throughout Japan, sell the home units, and manage the properties. In this way, we offer home owners a pleasant and safe living environment, and help maintain their asset values over the long term. We leverage the capabilities of the whole Group in developing high value-added condominium projects that make optimal use of each region’s particular characteristics, including multi-use development projects, town and neighborhood planning aimed at urban regeneration, and condominiums targeted at active seniors. Thanks to these initiatives, the number of condominium home units sold by the Group passed 204,000.
In our condominium management business, during the term under review we implemented various initiatives to enhance our long-term maintenance and repair support to condominium residents.

[Principal companies] Daiwa House Industry, Cosmos Initia, Daiwa LifeNext


Meeting the needs of different generations and regions with unique, high value-added condominiums

To provide residences with the levels of safety, security, and all-round livability that our customers are looking for, we offer condominiums matching the particular characteristics of each area of Japan that will maintain their asset value over many years. In our urban renewal projects, we have recently introduced the concept of “area management” – under which the management and development of a neighborhood is principally entrusted to the residents themselves – and have also been developing condominiums targeted mainly at “active seniors,” where residents can continue to live with an easy mind despite their age. We are also promoting ZEH-M products with SDGs in mind. In such ways, we develop high value-added condominiums that constitute the sort of solid social capital that meets the needs of different generations and regions.

Condominium management

Providing high-quality building management and varied lifestyle support services

In the condominium management field, we offer a comprehensive service encompassing everything from day-to-day maintenance to the long-term planning of building repair. In this way, we support safe, secure, and comfortable lives for all residents. For existing condominiums, the number of which is increasing year by year in Japan, we maintain and improve residents’ asset values through proposals ranging from complete replacement of buildings to renewal of facilities or large-scale repairs. We also enhance resident satisfaction through various ancillary services, including renovation of the individually-owned portions of condominium buildings (home units) and support for the renting out of home units when owners have to relocate.

Overseas operations

In our overseas business, we are focusing on China and Australia.
In China, we started the condominium business in 2006 under the banner of "Safety, security, and trust," utilizing know-how and technology cultivated in Japan. High-quality housing and the good environment made possible by the construction of an entire housing development by a Japanese company have made these projects very popular with middle-income and wealthy consumers in the Chinese market. Currently, two projects are under construction in Nantong and Changzhou.
In Australia, two projects undertaken near Sydney were sold out in fiscal 2019. We are also expanding our business into the ASEAN nations, and are currently operating in Vietnam.

Condominium Business – Recent achievements

2019 2020
Total Daiwa House Industry Cosmos Initia Total Daiwa House Industry Cosmos Initia
Number of condominium home units provided (per annum) 2,069 1,702 367 2,580 2,039 541
FY2019 FY2020
Total Daiwa House Industry Cosmos Initia Total Daiwa House Industry Cosmos Initia
Number of condominium home units sold (for the fiscal year) 2,543 2,218 325 2,939 2,484 455

Condominiums – Average sales per unit / Average area per unit (Daiwa House Industry, non-consolidated)

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Average sales per unit (¥ million) 55.8 52.2 49.2
Average area per unit (㎡) 77.0 73.9 70.7

Condominium Business – Units under management by the Group

As of March 31, 2021: 380,000 units under management (6,727 buildings)

Existing Homes Business

One-stop solutions to raise the value of customer assets using our customer base

In our Existing Homes Business, we make maximal use of the Group’s extensive customer base—as well as the proprietary technology and experience we have built up over the years—to provide renovation services centered on regular inspection at appropriate intervals. Our renovation operations are targeted principally at single-family houses, condominiums, and rental housing, and we offer a one-stop service covering everything from initial design to construction. We are also working to expand our business lines, including starting to offer proposals for the renovation and maintenance of corporate-owned properties.
In another initiative to expand our Existing Homes Business, we have also started up a business in which we purchase existing housing, which we then renovate—including the addition of equipment with improved functions to add value—and sell on the general market.

[Principal companies] Daiwa House Reform, Daiwa House Chintai Reform, Nihon Jutaku Ryutsu, Daiwa House Industry

Before renovation After renovation


One-stop service – from design through to final renovation work

For the renovation of single-family houses or condominium units, we make full use of our extensive experience and track record in home building, offering a one-stop service that translates our customers’ dreams into reality and covers everything from initial inquiries through designs to final renovation work. To make it easier to get across the message of our renovation services to users, we have opened three renovation-dedicated showrooms (called Reform Salons) within large-scale public housing projects in the suburbs of cities in the Kanto and Kansai regions, where we promote community-based renovation proposals. We are also expanding our renovation operations in various new areas, such as rental housing – where we make proposals to secure landowners’ asset values – as well as work on the common-use portions of condominiums (exteriors, etc.) and on medical clinics, restaurants, offices, warehouses, and so on. We also perform renovation work on a wide variety of buildings not originally constructed by the Daiwa House Group.

Daiwa House Group's Livness Business


The “Livness” pre-owned real estate business brand

When the owners of single-family houses, rental housing, and condominiums built by Daiwa House sell their homes due to changes in their lifestyles, many of them do not make use of the Company's services. In view of this, in 2018 we introduced "Livness" as a unifying brand for the Group. We have set up a new general contact point for responding to inquiries and requests from customers throughout Japan relating to brokerage services, resale, renovation, and other activities undertaken by Group companies. We also engage in non-housing renovation and conversion operations, such as on commercial and business facilities.

Operations in a wide range of business fields through collaboration among Group companies

Taking full advantage of the resources of the Group—which include a nationwide network of sales offices, expertise as a real estate intermediary, and inspection and renovation skills—we supply a comprehensive one-stop service that meets each customer's needs.


Commercial Facilities Business

Business closely coordinated with the needs of the times

Our Commercial Facilities Business was launched in 1976, when use of automobiles was growing at a rapid pace. It sought to invigorate communities by constructing stores and facilities people need, to encourage more movement.
In this business, based on our unique LOC System, we bring landowners seeking an effective means of utilizing idle land holdings together with prospective corporate tenants seeking sites for new wholesale or retail outlets. Additionally, thanks to the deployment of our extensive land-use database and detailed market surveys, we are winning an increased volume of orders for the construction of a wide variety of facilities that make the most of the particular features of each geographical area. Group companies undertake the development of commercial facilities as a complete package covering everything from planning through construction to leasing, management, and day-to-day operations. We are also involved in the management of business and city hotels.

[Principal companies] Daiwa House Industry, Daiwa Lease, Daiwa House Realty Management*

* On October 1, 2021, Daiwa Information Service Co., Ltd. and Daiwa Royal Co., Ltd. merged to form "Daiwa House Realty Management Co., Ltd."

Fitness clubs Business hotels Large-scale shopping centers

Retail and wholesale facilities

Leveraging extensive land-use data and ability in planning and proposals to support our customers’ most effective business development

In our retail and wholesale facilities business, we have specialist staff at 76 locations throughout Japan to accumulate a wealth of information on lands waiting for effective use. By introducing properties that meet the needs of tenant companies without delay, we support our customers' smooth business development. We have constructed more than 45,000 buildings to date (as of the end of March 2021), and with this experience we are able to create buildings that satisfy and bring peace of mind to both owners and tenant companies.

Commercial facilities

Developing attractive commercial facilities to serve as the core of local communities

In the commercial facilities business, we plan and construct commercial facilities (mainly large-scale shopping centers), lease spaces out to tenants, and manage the facilities – all across Japan. We not only ensure the profitability of our facilities by attracting the sort of corporate tenants who can pull in customers, we also seek to create commercial facilities that offer a diverse range of new value and can serve as the core of their respective communities. By proposing the construction and operation of businesses that make the most of the Group’s business resources – such as fitness clubs and business hotels – we aim to develop attractive commercial facilities that meet the particular needs of each local community.

Overseas operations

Overseas, we are engaged in a real estate development business, which is a combined development project of a hotel and a condominium, and a construction contract business in Taiwan. To support the overseas expansion of tenants and industrial companies with whom we have relationships in Japan, we also use the LOC system in Taiwan to comprehensively produce optimal business development through detailed market research on the characteristics of each location and the surrounding environment. In addition, in fiscal 2019 we purchased an existing commercial facility in Texas, and are conducting a local study aimed at attracting Japanese companies to the area.

LOC System (Commercial Facilities Business)

Our Strengths

In the LOC (Land-Owner-Company) System, Daiwa House Industry brings together land owners who wish to make more effective use of their real estate holdings, and companies that are looking to open new business centers, thus efficiently meeting the needs of both sides.

LOC System (Commercial Facilities Business)

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Tokyo-Ariake

Osaka Marubiru; Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel

Daiwa Royal Hotel City

Business and city hotels

Raising customer satisfaction by catering to both business and leisure needs

In our business and city hotels operations, Daiwa Roynet Hotels manages a network of hotels conveniently located close to important railway stations in cities all over Japan, and the Group also operates the Daiwa Royal Hotel City, the APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU, the La’gent Hotel, the Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel, and the Royton Sapporo. To meet the needs of all kinds of guests from Japan and overseas – both tourists and those on business trips – we offer a wide range of room types, plus ingenious and unique services, and also provide everything needed by elderly guests or those with physical disabilities. We aim to demonstrate our hospitality by offering our guests hotel environments that are the ultimate in safety, comfort, and cleanliness.

Results of the APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU, the La’gent Hotel, and the Royton Sapporo are included in the Other Businesses Segment.

Logistics, Business and Corporate Facilities Business

Proposal-based solutions leveraging customer relationships

In the field of Logistics, Business and Corporate Facilities, we are expanding our business both inside and outside Japan by making use of our extensive database on land usage to construct facilities meeting the needs of corporate clients. The business is also contributing to regional employment creation by building logistics facilities utilizing land where special procedures are needed for repurposing.
We also make optimal use of the synergy generated with Group member Fujita to enable flexible responses to customer needs, and are actively engaged in the proposal and construction of facilities in the fields of medical and nursing care facilities, welfare and housing for the elderly facilities, food-processing facilities, offices, and factories. In all cases, our business is driven by proposal-based solutions that optimally leverage our long-term relationships with customers.

[Principal companies] Daiwa House Industry, Fujita, Daiwa Lease

Logistics facilities

Deriving optimal solutions from observation of front-line logistics operations

In the logistics facilities business, we employ our D-Project proprietary business format, under which we meet all our customers’ diverse needs from selection of prime-location sites through the design and construction of facilities, to service operation and building management. In addition to BTS (build-to-suit) logistics facilities*1 for particular tenants, we also construct multi-tenant logestics facilities*2 in prime locations, and both categories of facility are proving popular in the market. Daiwa House has been engaged in logistics facility development right from its founding. We aim to constantly derive advanced solutions from our close observation of actual practice in the front line, to become the logistics facility supplier of choice.


1.BTS = Build-to-suit (logistics facilities customized to each user's requirements)

2.Multi-tenant logistics facilities = logistics facilities designed to cater for a multiple number of tenant companies

Supporting companies’ logistics strategies by building new social infrastructure

The growth of online shopping and corporate globalization are drastically changing logistics needs. In addition to good locations, companies have an increased need for larger, multi-functional facilities. By contracting to handle logistics for several shippers as part of a single-package service, we are able to optimally allocate and use physical resources such as logistics centers, systems and equipment, as well as technologies, offering all goods owners a logistics-sharing service that perfectly meets their needs. The service will be enabled by digital proposals based on our DX in logistics.
To support the advancement of DX, we are working on a data center business in Japan and abroad as a business pillar next to the logistics facility development.

Medical and nursing care facilities

Comprehensive support services from planning through financing to operation

In 1989, anticipating the rapidly developing phenomenon of population aging in Japan, we established the Silver Age Research Center to investigate issues involved in the construction and operation of medical and nursing care facilities. The Center meets customers’ wide-ranging needs by leveraging its specialist know-how to select suitable sites, draw up projects, and consult with governmental bodies. We have developed leading-edge medical facilities under the name of “D’s SMART MEDICAL,” which has been designed to meet the projected medical facility management needs of the next generation. This system incorporates environment-friendly and earthquake-mitigation technologies that ensure the safety and comfort of patients and staff, in addition to business management support. We also began providing the latest industry information through the "D-members" membership website for managers of medical, nursing, and welfare services.

Offices Factories Food processing plant

Office and factories

Strengthening relationships with corporate clients to offer comprehensive solutions

In our support services for customers seeking to build networks of offices, factories and other business properties, we utilize our extensive database on land prices and sites available for development to make land-use proposals covering everything from initial surveys through planning, design, and construction to post-completion maintenance. We offer land-use proposals for sites of every scale, and for buildings and other facilities for all kinds of purposes, across the whole of Japan. We leverage the Group’s ability to make comprehensive proposals incorporating solutions that meet all our clients’ needs, and these have proved very popular in the market. They include proposals for eco-friendly offices and factories, for the building of new corporate facilities or relocation of existing ones, and for the rebuilding or demolition of existing properties. With regard to food processing facilities, we offer a total-support service precisely tailored to the needs and scale of each corporate customer, starting from design of the initial business model and looking at the entire supply chain, from fresh food production through processing to marketing.We also plan to redevelop wholesale markets nationwide into complex facilities led by a private sector.

D’s SMART FACTORY – the future of manufacturing

The construction of D’s SMART FACTORY – a state-of-the-art eco-friendly factory constructed on the grounds of our Nara Factory – has been highly praised for its overall concept as well as the specific technologies incorporated, and has been awarded the Energy Conservation Grand Prize (Practical Application Section)*. In addition to the use of renewable energy sources and the latest environmental protection equipment, the factory also incorporates a "smart management system" enabling all employees to access real-time data relating to energy conservation, productivity, firefighting/accident prevention/disaster mitigation measures, and the factory’s working environment.This system makes possible “visual control” for quick recognition of information, and is one of our contributions to the realization of "next-generation manufacturing."

* Prize for Energy Conservation (Practical Energy Conservation Example Section), awarded by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan.

Hokusetsu-Sanda 2nd Techno Park

General construction

Employing varied operational methods to realize urban redevelopment

With a history of over 100 years as a general construction company, Fujita Corporation is currently working simultaneously to strengthen earning capacity and further improve quality in its core fields of construction and civil engineering, as well as to provide proactive support for its corporate clients both in their Japanese operations and their aggressive capital investments overseas. Fujita boasts an impressive record in the field of community regeneration and urban redevelopment as a result of its high-level planning and proposal capabilities on a solid base of proprietary construction technology. Fujita leverages these advantages, as well as its ability to quickly acquire official permits ? thanks to the extensive know-how it has accumulated ? to offer sophisticated solutions to its client companies. In these ways, Fujita both enhances the enterprise value of its clients and provides society with attractive community redevelopment projects. Additionally, by attracting tenant companies and customers to the commercial buildings that it owns, Fujita aims to create new trends in flows of people and goods and thereby add new value to their local communities and help revitalize regional economies.

Leading-edge solutions to environmental issues

Fujita positions the fight against environmental degradation as one of the main pillars of its business strategy. Starting with the construction of net zero energy buildings (ZEB)*, which offer comfortable living while saving on energy consumption, Fujita has also developed environment-friendly construction methods, and is currently working on technologies for water and soil purification. In these ways, Fujita works to help bring about a sustainable society.

* Net zero energy buildings combine energy conservation technology with renewable energy generation to achieve a net zero amount of primary energy consumption on an annual basis.

Hokusetsu-Sanda 2nd Techno Park

Urban development and industrial parks

Pushing ahead with urban development projects that meet the changing needs of the times, tailored to the differing requirements of each community

The first urban development project undertaken by Daiwa House was the Habikino Neopolis housing complex, completed in 1962, which was also Japan’s first large-scale housing development project by a private-sector company. In 1976 we developed the Okayama Neopolis project – the largest by a private-sector company at that time – and our efforts in other projects were oriented toward creating residential environments where people could live in comfort and also in harmony with nature. We are pooling our efforts to offer urban development projects that meet the changing needs of the times, tailored to the differing requirements of each community, in a single package covering everything from initial planning, site preparation and flood management, through design and construction, to post-completion maintenance. And at all times, we keep uppermost in our minds the need for optimally effective land utilization that will serve the needs of the community far into the future.

Revitalizing regional communities through industrial park development

As a pioneer in the industrialization of construction shortly after its founding, Daiwa House has developed a wide range of industrial parks, taking advantage of the know-how it has built up in the course of extensive experience in the construction of manufacturing plants, logistics facilities, medical treatment and nursing care facilities, offices, and others. Combining the business resources possessed by the Daiwa House Group, we put together proposals for the construction of benefits-package facilities such as company housing and staff dormitories, including the preliminary land preparation work. In close collaboration with local governments, we also contribute to the revitalization of regional economies through measures to attract corporate tenants to our industrial parks.

Overseas operations

In our overseas operations, at the moment we are focusing on the member-nations of ASEAN. In Indonesia we are working with local partner companies to develop industrial parks, in which our construction subcontracting and rental factory businesses are highly regarded by many Japanese companies.
We also started the D project (logistics warehouse leasing business) overseas in 2016, and are currently developing warehouses to respond to the overseas expansion of Japanese companies as well as the increase in demand for logistics facilities accompanying the expansion of domestic demand in Indonesia.
In Vietnam, we are operating an industrial park development and rental factory in the suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City with local partners. We provide advice on business planning and support for business operations, mainly to Japanese companies, and create an environment where they can conduct their business with confidence.
Fujita, a consolidated subsidiary of the Company, is engaged in contract work on the construction of factories in ASEAN countries, Mexico, Central and South America, and other areas, mainly for clients in the Japanese auto industry.
Fujita also has a track record of over thirty years in the Chinese market, and has been involved in the construction of production plants for Japanese enterprises in the automotive and electric appliance industries, among others. As such, it occupies one of the highest rankings among Japanese construction companies in the Chinese market.

Logistics facilities : DPL Nagareyama Ⅰ

Logistics facilities : DPL Nagareyama Ⅰ

Rental apartments : Pacific Royal Court Minatomirai Urban Tower

Rental apartments : Pacific Royal Court Minatomirai Urban Tower

GRANODE Hiroshima Offices, Commercial Facilities, Hotels, Parking

GRANODE Hiroshima
Offices, Commercial Facilities, Hotels, Parking

Asset management

Daiwa House REIT Investment Corporation is a real estate investment trust (J-REIT) company for which Daiwa House Industry serves as the sponsor

Daiwa House Asset Management engages in asset management on behalf of Daiwa House REIT Investment Corporation, which is a comprehensive real estate investment trust (REIT) company investing principally in logistics facilities, residential facilities, commercial facilities, and hotels. The policy of Daiwa House Asset Management is to steadily expand the scale of assets managed, to generate stable earnings over the medium to long term. The company works to optimally leverage the know-how possessed by the Daiwa House Group in the fields of planning, development, construction, tenant leasing, and the management and operation of properties. In this way, it aims to realize sustained growth in the scale of assets under management, thereby securing adequate earnings and providing a stable and growing level of dividends, so as to optimize investor value.

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Daiwa House REIT Investment Corporation

Daiwa House Group value chain

Our Strengths

The Daiwa House Group's value chain constitutes the power to monetize the entire business cycle – from planning through design and construction to post-completion management, plus the design and implementation of an optimal exit strategy – within the Group.

Daiwa House Group Value Chain

Other Businesses

Minamiboso-Tomiura Royal Hotel  Amanohashidate Miyazu Royal Hotel

●Health & Leisure
Resort hotels

We offer resort experiences that make the most of unique local attractions

In our resort hotels business – at hotels operated by Daiwa Royal Hotel from Hokkaido to Okinawa, as well as at the Nishiwaki Royal Hotel in Hyogo Prefecture – guests can experience the attractions of each region’s natural environment, including the changing seasons, plus local cuisine, history, culture, traditions, and unique industries. We want to give each region hope – to help make their dreams come true. Our goal is to serve as the motive power for local communities, and to grow together with them.

Sports Club NAS

Fitness clubs and aesthetic salons

Places where local people can reinvigorate themselves, both physically and mentally

Our Sports Club NAS operates various clubs and other facilities that go beyond the conventional concept of fitness clubs – places where a wide range of people, from children up to seniors, can enjoyably spend their free time and realize interpersonal communication. We are addressing the growing public interest in sports, health, and beauty. For instance, we offer special courses for children in collaboration with famous athletes and professional baseball clubs, as well as aesthetic and nail salons, plus hot yoga studios for our female members. We also provide community clubs for members over sixty years of age.

The Cypress Country Club

Golf courses

Spacious courses for the perfect experience amid the beauties of nature

In our golf course business, Daiwa Royal Golf operates courses all around Japan that make optimal use of spacious and attractive landscapes. The staff of these prestigious golf clubs are working to further improve the courses and expand the menu of services offered to members.

Neo Summit Chigasaki – residential-type units and fee-based nursing care units – both for the elderly  Mominoki Shibuyahonmachi -fee-based nursing care home for the elderly  D-Festa Higashi-Omiya -assisted-living residential facilities for seniors

Private homes for elderly/Assisted-living residential facilities for seniors/Adult day care/Short-stay care

Contributing to the welfare of regional communities by providing places where elderly people can enjoy their lives

In our fee-based homes for the elderly business, we operate two sets of facilities – the Mominoki and Aprico chains of fee-based nursing care homes, which provide a family-like environment where older people can live without worries, and the Neo Summit homes, which combine assisted-living residential facilities for active seniors with homes for elderly people who require nursing care. Not only do we offer a residential experience that provides our elderly customers with peace of mind and enjoyment – including tasty meals and medical professionals always on call – we also offer various activities to keep the mind active, as well as end-of-life care. In these ways, we are working to realize higher-quality services that will make elderly people’s lives more fulfilling.

Assisting elderly people’s daily lives in their local communities

Daiwa House provides all the required support for persons who need nursing care, and for their family members. We operate the D-Festa assisted-living housing for elderly people, which combines the freedom associated with rental housing with the required level of nursing care. We also offer CL Port and other at-home nursing care services, adult day care services, and the CANON short-stay care service, and in other ways provide support for homes for seniors, from planning through development. Our Silver Age Research Center is a research facility employing specialist staff who undertake surveys and analyses relating to problems affecting medical institutions and nursing care facilities. We optimally leverage the Center’s research and proven track record to assist in the planning and design of various homes for the elderly.

Senior Support

Helping elderly people stay connected and feel the contentment that comes with knowing that others rely on you

In our senior support business, we are working to create a support system for elderly people in line with four key concepts – health, purpose in life, staying connected, and safety.Specifically, we are working to create a society in which elderly people can live active lives.Our efforts include revitalizing suburban housing developments to create communities where seniors can form and keep connections with one another as well as younger people, and where they can live without worries; rural community short-stay study programs and events that promote relationships and interaction between individual participants and communities; and workshops to consider urban redevelopment issues.

Royal Home Center Minami-Senju

●Construction Support
Home centers

Product lineups and unique services that meet the particular needs of each local community

Our Royal Home Centers offer a wide variety of products and services designed to make people’s lives more comfortable and convenient, including DIY and interior goods, materials for gardening, pet supplies, products for use in home renovation, and products and materials for professionals. Our home centers also offer various value-added services such as home delivery and installation of purchased goods, as well as discounts for seniors. For professionals in the construction and other industries we have a full range of construction materials, tools, and so on, as well as work clothing. We are also expanding our online store business so as to become an invaluable home center company for the residents of all the regions where we operate.

Logistics service

Logistics service

Daiwa Logistics Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive logistics solutions for greater efficiency. It meets all the needs of customers operating in a wide range of industrial sectors, from construction materials through retailing to online clothing sales, offering services that are precisely tailored to each user's business model.

Interior design proposals


Comprehensive design and coordination solutions, focused on individual user and market needs

The dedicated design team at DesignArc Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of interior design solutions for high-quality living spaces, and provides total support for customers wishing to coordinate all elements of their home. DesignArc helps create enjoyable living environments, with its designs and interior coordination services being provided to individual owners of single-family houses and condominiums, as well as to model home display sites. We also offer services involving the design and creation of commercial- use spaces such as hotels and offices.

Mega solar The Power Storager 10 fixed-type lithium ion storage battery The Sadamisaki Wind-Power Generation System

●Environment and Energy

Providing solutions to energy issues through technology, planning, and comprehensive capabilities

The Daiwa House Group addresses energy issues by offering a one-stop environmental energy solutions service centered on new energy sources, energy conservation measures, energy storage, electricity retailing, and power generation. As part of the growing interest in renewable energy, the construction of large-scale photovoltaic (mega-solar) and wind-power generation facilities has taken off in recent years, and we have been leveraging the comprehensive strengths of the Group in aggressively pursuing the construction of such facilities and the operation of power generation businesses. We have also been focusing on electric power retailing to take advantage of the full deregulation of the electric power market.

Financial Services Credit Cards

●Financial Services
Credit cards

Living up to our customers' trust with high-quality financial services

We engage in a wide range of financial services – principally credit card operations and loans – as well as other services such as settlement and rental guarantees. Customers can select from our menu of HeartOne cards to pay housing rents and meet various other essential needs.

Insurance agencies

Offering financial security, now and into the future

Customers purchasing single-family houses or condominium units, or owners renting out housing, retail outlets, or offices, can select the insurance policy that best fits their needs from our extensive lineup of insurance products. In this way, we protect our customers’ invaluable assets and lifestyles, enabling them to look forward to the future with confidence.



Parking and carsharing

Generate new value from our clients’ precious land assets through metered parking and carsharing businesses

The Daiwa House Group operates a metered parking lot business, including planning and construction services, under the name "D-Parking." We lease sites from landowners and turn them into pay-by-the-hour parking lots that operate around the clock, providing the owners with a reliable source of earnings from their real estate. We also offer the D-Share members-only carsharing service and the DH Rental Car car-hire service to make the increasing motorization of society more environment-friendly and convenient for individuals.

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