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Daiwa House Group


Contributing to Indonesian economic growth through development of industrial parks and new townships, plus operation of a logistics service

We are collaborating in the development of an industrial park together with local corporate partners, where we are undertaking construction under contract and operating a rental factory business, and our activities have been positively appraised by many Japanese companies. From fiscal 2016, we started up a version of our D-Project logistics facility rental business format. This is part of our further development of logistics facilities to meet the needs of Japanese enterprises in Indonesia as well as the growing need for such facilities among companies serving the country’s expanding domestic demand.
Starting in 2018, we have been developing a new township on a site of about 120,000m2, including roughly 5,000 home units. This community will be adjacent to the site of a new LRT (light rail transit) station that is planned to open in 2019.

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