Daiwa House Group

Daiwa House Group

History of the Group's Overseas Operations



  • Daiwa Malaya Ltd,* established as a joint venture in Singapore

* Established as a company in Singapore with joint funding with South Asia Co., Ltd. and other firms. Factory built in Singapore, engaging in the construction of factories, supply of housing and construction of schools, etc. in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


  • Joint-venture company – Daiwa House Industry Thailand Co., Ltd.* – established in Thailand

* Leveraging our track record in the construction of factories in Thailand, we established a locally incorporated company which set up a factory and began manufacturing locally.


  • Exported around 500 houses and accommodation facilities to Indonesia


  • Set up Simamura Daiwa House S/A in Brazil and constructed 20,000 workers' houses


  • Established Daiwa House Corporation of America in the USA, and constructed 10,000 subdivision houses


  • Became first Japanese company to export and erect full-scale houses in China


  • Opened Shanghai Hong Qiao Villas to provide rental homes for non-Chinese citizens in Shanghai


  • Established Daiwa House Australia and commenced construction and sale of condominiums in Australia
  • Established Beijing East Palace Apartment in Beijing to offer rental homes to non-Chinese citizens


  • Opened Dalian Civil Aviation Hotel (Dalian Royal Hotel) in Chinese city of Dalian


  • Established Dalian Acacia Town Villa in Dalian to provide rental homes for non-Chinese citizens


  • Established Tianjin Jiuhe International Villa to provide rental homes for non-Chinese citizens in the city of Tianjin


  • DH (Dalian) Administrative Management Consulting Center Co., Ltd., established to conduct outsourcing business in China


  • Shanghai Office established


  • Daiwa House (Suzhou) Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (100 percent-owned subsidiary)


  • Started first development of condominiums in Suzhou via wholly-owned subsidiary; construction started on The Grace Residence


  • Daiwa House (China) Investment Co., Ltd. established (a Chinese-owned company)


  • Purchased rental housing in the United States and recommenced real estate operations


  • Began planning entry into industrial park development field in Vietnam and Indonesia
  • Opened our Taiwan Branch and rolled out the wholesale & retail outlet business


  • Established Daiwa Baoye (Wuxi) Property Management Co., Ltd., a condominium management company, in the Chinese city of Wuxi
  • Established Baoye Daiwa Industrialized House Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in China for the production of components for factory-made low-rise housing


  • Commenced joint business with the Lincoln Property Company in the United States


  • Opened offices in Bangkok and Manila
  • Started single-family house construction and sale business in Malaysia
  • Began construction on combined development project for condominiums and commercial facilities in Australia
  • Participated in the planning of real estate development business in Vietnam
  • Began construction of factory for rental housing business in Vietnam


  • Set up joint venture in Thailand with WHA Corporation and commenced logistics business


  • Began business in Vietnam for development of a long-stay hotel and another hotel
  • Began joint planning of urban development project comprising condominiums and commercial facilities in Indonesia
  • Took over single-family home business of Stanley Martin Holdings in the US


  • Commenced operation of Roygent Parks Hanoi (serviced apartments and hotel) in Hanoi
  • オStarted business of sale of building lots in Australia
  • Started single-family home business and condominium business in Thailand
  • Began development of logistics facilities in Malaysia
  • Began development of logistics facilities in Vietnam
  • Started rental housing development business under "Kenect" brand name, with AKARA Partners in the United States
  • Rawson Homes became consolidated subsidiary


  • Purchased equity share in Trumark Companies
  • Stanley Martin Communities of the United States acquired the single-family homes business of Essex Homes Southeast
  • Purchased the "Trade" commercial facility in California and began business operation
  • Jan Snel Group of the Netherlands became subsidiary, now known as Daiwa House Modular Europe


  • Castle Rock Communities, L.P. of the United States, became subsidiary
  • Daiwa House Logistics Trust listed on Singapore Exchange (SGX)


  • Daiwa House Realty Mgt. Co., Ltd. opened Roynet Hotel Seoul Mapo
  • Daiwa House Modular Europe acquired existing factory in Germany to serve as a modular construction factory, the Group's third overseas manufacturing center