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The Group's European business, which commenced in 2020, consists of expanding our operations while strengthening collaboration with local enterprises.
To address social issues such as the housing supply shortage, the rising cost of construction materials, and other negative factors resulting from population growth, we will supply houses and apartments utilizing a modular construction system.
Our business development, based on the corporate philosophy encapsulated in our Group motto “Creating Dreams, Building Hearts,” is one of the strengths that supports our European operations, which are at the core of our environmentally-conscious purchasing stance.

Characteristics of our European operations

Re-usable structural components

In Europe, where a wide variety of environment-friendly measures are being undertaken, the attitude to purchasing focuses on the product manufacturing process as well as the future.
Modular construction allows faster erection of homes, thanks to greater efficiency. It also makes possible “sustainable” construction, as the components can easily be re-used following the eventual demolition of the original building.

Production structure

In September 2023, we opened a new plant in Germany for modular construction, where building units are made in a factory and assembled on site. Starting with elder-care facilities where we foresee great demand, as well as other housing such as apartments and dormitories, we are putting in place the production capabilities to address a broad range of needs.

Fürstenwalde Production Plant


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