Daiwa House Group

Daiwa House Group


The Daiwa House Group has expanded its operations
outside the category of “house builder” to embrace a diverse range of businesses.
Here, we present a variety of data that gives a picture of the Group's current situation.

Consolidated net sales

(as of March 31, 2023)

Overseas sales
673.9billion yen

4908.1billion yen

Number of companies in the Group

(as of March 31, 2023)


companies: 297

Number of employees*

*excluding employees under fixed-term contract
(as of March 31, 2023)


Fortune Grobal500

The Global 500, which lists the world's top 500 companies in terms of revenue, is published once each year by the US magazine Fortune.

Daiwa House listed in
Fortune Global 500 for

consecutive years

Number of electric power generation facilities
operated by the Group that utilize renewable energy
Amount of power generated

(as of March 31, 2023)



Awards & projects receiving certification

Global TOP

Daiwa House Industry TOP