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Our rental housing and single-family house businesses in the US have continued to post solid results, and we are expanding our operational scale, targeting the whole country

Our operations in the United States commenced in 1976, and over the nine years to 1984 we built some 10,000 homes through lot subdivision. In 2011 we established a local subsidiary in San Jose, California, and began rental housing management operations. In 2014 we moved our headquarters to Dallas, Texas, and also opened a new base in Los Angeles, expanding in 2019 with bases in Reston, Virginia, and New York City. We had previously commenced rental housing operations in the states of Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Washington, Tennessee, and Arizona, and we have started business in condominium sales in New York and commercial facilities in California. In 2016, we expanded our sphere of business as Stanley-Martin Communities, LLC, a company involved in the single-family housing business, became part of the Group, with Trumark Companies doing so in 2020. In addition, Daiwa Living is engaged in management of serviced apartments in California.


The INFINUS brand was developed from our passion as a housing manufacturer to expand our operations endlessly and provide homes that offer infinite living possibilities for our residents.

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The TOMODACHI Initiative is a Japan-U.S. exchange program born out of reconstruction support in the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and launched as an initiative between the U.S. Embassy in Japan and the U.S.-Japan Council. The initiative works to foster next-generation business and social leaders in Japan and the United States through educational, cultural, and leadership-training programs.
The vision behind this initiative is also closely involved with strengthening ties between the two countries and encouraging a mutual understanding and appreciation of one another's culture and history, in the hope of contributing to the realization of a more prosperous and secure world through closer international coordination. The initiative proclaims its aim to be the nurturing of a new generation – the TOMODACHI Generation of young leaders from both Japan and the United States who possess the kind of technical skills that are needed and accepted in every corner of the world, and who also have an international perspective

Daiwa House wholeheartedly concurs with this vision, and as part of its overall social contribution effort, participates in this initiative as a strategic partner*. The Company has donated US$1 million over the three years up to 2016.
From here onward, we intend to continue to foster the next generation of leaders through financial support for a variety of programs, aiming to stimulate fruitful exchange between young people in Japan and the United States.

* Corporations, organizations, and individuals who donate US$1 million or more to this partnership.

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