• Established an overseas office in our Head Office.
  • Daiwa Danchi Co., Ltd. was listed on the First Section of both the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange.
  • Developed Daiwa House C Series. The Prefabricated Housing Division made a major breakthrough with the launch of Daiwa House New Kasuga and Daiwa House New Asuka.
  • Computers were fully introduced for housing design, estimation, factory ordering systems and the like.
  • Daiwa Jutakukiki Co., Ltd.(current DesignArc Co., Ltd.) was established.
  • Exported approximately 500 units of houses and living facilities to Indonesia for Bechtel Corporation's West Irian mining development plan.
  • Launched the Daiwa Unit to use as a villa, office or store.
  • Began importing materials from China. Participated in the 31st Canton Fair.
  • Daiwa Uniment modular-type rental housing was offered for sale.
  • Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. fully entered the resort development business and began construction of Shikabe Leisure Village, Hokkaido. [Detail]
  • Daiwa Resort Co., Ltd. was established.
  • The Central Research Laboratory was established within the Nara Factory as a facility with environmental testing rooms. In an industry first, all-weather testing could be done on actual full-sized houses.
  • Simamura Daiwa House S/A, which carried out real estate development business, was established in Paraná, Brazil, and approximately 20,000 houses for workers were constructed.
  • Daiwa House C series obtained industrialized housing performance certification from the Ministry of Construction.
  • Sweet'om 20, a single-family house that was improved greatly both in design and quality, was launched as a 20th anniversary product.
  • Established Daiwa House Corporation of America to carry out housing subdivision operations in the United States. Local subsidiaries were later established in various areas and approximately 10,000 housing subdivision homes were constructed.
  • Okayama Neopolis, the largest private-sector project at the time, was offered for sale.
  • Raised an idea to use idle land, and fully developed the retail and wholesale facilities business.
  • Daiwa House Solar DH-1, an energy efficient house, was offered for sale.
  • Made inroads into the condominium business. Green Coop Senju, a large-scale condominium in Tokyo, was put on the market.
  • Nihon Jyutaku Ryutu Co., Ltd. was established.
  • Noto Royal Hotel, the first Daiwa Royal Hotels, was opened.
  • Developed the Daiwa House Land Owner Company(LOC)System, a land utilization system.
  • A real estate information center was set up at each place of business, and the distribution market for existing houses was developed.
Daiwa House New Kasuga
Daiwa Uniment
Testing on real buildings at the Central Research Laboratory
Housing subdivision homes in Texas, United States
Green Coop Senju
Noto Royal Hotel

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