The Daiwa House Group's Business Operations and Strengths

Single-Family Houses Business

The Gland Living, a model in our xevoΣ range of single-family homes, features 2.72-meter-high ceilings and continuous window-openings up to a maximum length of 7.1 meters, giving a more spacious living area than ever before. xevo GranWood

Custom-built houses

We offer residential comfort and guaranteed safety with our cutting-edge steel frame and wooden structure homes

Driven by the evolution of our proprietary technologies, we have achieved constant growth in our core business of single-family houses. We have added popular models to our lineup in anticipation of the needs of each successive generation, including the steel-frame xevoΣ – whose high-level seismic absorption capabilities allow it to withstand repeated massive earthquakes – and the xevo GranWood, in which we use only high-quality Japanese timber. In the field of single-family houses with more than two stories, we have rolled out 3-story, 4-story, and 5-story versions of our "skye" model, featuring heavy steel frame construction. All our single-family models conform to our For Nature specifications, in which we aim for zero environmental impact, in line with our goal of popularizing "zero-impact housing".

Our Team-xevo helps you realize your dream home – Individually customized designs for built-to-order houses

At Daiwa House, specialists in architectural design, interior coordination, and other fields work closely together with our sales staff as part of our Team-xevo approach, which enables us to present customers with comprehensive proposals that meet their needs. We offer designs that turn customers' dreams into reality, not only for houses serving solely as owner-occupied homes, but also for those in which a portion of the structure is rented out to a tenant as a residence, or used as a retail outlet, medical clinic and so on. We also provide individually customized after-sales support services as well as long-term guarantees, so that the owners of the homes we build can enjoy a pleasant life with no worries for many years after they move in. We offer total solutions for each customer's housing needs.

SMA×ECO TOWN Harumidai

Houses in housing development projects

Developing communities where people can come together, feel at ease, and be happy

In its lot-subdivision housing developments – notably under the SECUREA brand name – Daiwa House develops communities where residents can live in comfort and peace of mind, taking fully into account the human need for interaction with the natural environment, as well as the requirements of safety. These developments feature bright, open townscapes affording attractive green vistas, where people can mingle easily with one another – communities that warm the hearts of both residents and visitors.

Single-Family Houses Business – Recent achievements (Daiwa House Industry, non-consolidated)

Single-Family Houses sold (aggregate up to March 31, 2019): Approx. 630,000 (incl. estimates for 1962–1973 period)

Single-Family Houses Business – Number of houses sold

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Custom-built houses 7,106 6,907 6,524
Houses in housing development projects 2,180 2,320 2,192
Total 9,286 9,227 8,716

Average sales per unit

(¥ Million)
FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Custom-built houses 34.3 35.9 37.3
Houses in housing development projects 25.3 24.0 24.3

Average area per unit

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Custom-built houses 132.7 134.1 135.7
Houses in housing development projects 103.3 103.3 106.6

Note: Above figures are totals and total averages for steel-frame and wood-frame houses combined.

Basic performance features of our single-family home models

Our Strengths

As a pioneer in the home-building industry, we make full use of the proprietary, leading-edge technology we have developed, offering home buyers safety and security together with comfort.

External heat insulating and ventilation exterior wall

In the conventional method, in which the space between load-bearing columns is filled with insulation materials, external warm or cold air is conveyed to the home's interior via the structural framework (columns, etc.). Daiwa House was the first in the industry to position insulating materials outside the columns, thereby realizing a method in which the structural framework is completely enveloped by an insulation layer. By minimizing the effect of outside air on interior temperatures, we are able to prevent condensation within the walls and also help bring down the running costs of air-conditioning and heating systems.


1.The degree of contribution to lowering costs may differ for certain products, depending on local climatic conditions.

2.The illustration shown here is based on the insulation specifications used in standard and high-end xevo∑ models.

External heat insulating and ventilation exterior wall

Seismic resistance/mitigation technology

The sinuous movement of the unique Sigma-Shape Device efficiently absorbs the energy of seismic waves.

In the event of a strong earthquake, the Sigma-Shape Device – a structural member developed independently by Daiwa House – deforms sinuously in both the upward and downward directions, thereby efficiently absorbing the energy of seismic waves and quickly bringing the building's shaking motion to an end. The use of this device, which is standard specification on models in our xevo series, minimizes serious damage to a house's structural framework.(xevoΣ)

Unique robust structural framework dissipates external forces over home's entire structure

We utilize our proprietary Triple Combined System, in which each of the load-bearing posts that form part of the "skeleton" of the house are sandwiched between two panel frames. This allows the entire framework of the house to work together in resisting the application of external force, producing a strongly earthquake-resistant home.(xevo)

The D-NΣQST (pronounced

Seismic mitigation panels sharply reduce earthquake-caused damage

The seismic mitigation panels used in our houses absorb the energy of earthquakes through viscoelastic deformation. And because the viscoelastic body* undergoes almost no deterioration over time, this structure can maintain the same level of resistance to seismic damage despite repeated exposure to earthquakes.(xevo)

* The viscoelastic body is made from a material that exhibits superior shock-absorption and vibration isolation properties. This material is used in sports shoes as a shock absorber, to dampen seismic waves or vibrations caused by the operation of machinery, and in vibration-damping equipment installed in office buildings.

Triple Combined System Seismic mitigation panel

Security features

Insulated glazing also functions as security feature – no easy access to burglars even when glass is cracked

For the windows, we employ multiple panes of glass pressure-bonded with special plastic film to produce extremely strong, hard-to-break panes.

Anti-burglary insulated glazing

Double vibration-absorbing structure

One of the best sound insulation performances in Japan's housing industry
The use of a double vibration-absorbing structure enables Daiwa House to offer exterior walls boasting a sound insulation performance rated D-50*, one of the highest ratings in Japan's housing industry.

Exterior noise is transmitted to the interior of a house by means of vibrations that pass through the walls. In our xevoΣ series of single-family house models, we employ a double vibration-absorbing structure for walls that suppresses the transmission of vibrations from exterior to interior wall materials. Additionally, the use of external heat insulating materials that also have superior sound-absorption properties has enabled us to produce a sound insulation performance rated D-50* that is one of the highest-rated in the Japanese housing industry and on a par with that of reinforced concrete structures such as apartment buildings and condominiums. In this way, we create living spaces where residents can relax in peace and quiet.

*D-value is a rating framework for airborne sound insulation under the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). Higher numbers indicate more effective sound insulation.

*Figures indicate performance under test conditions and do not constitute a guarantee of performance on site.

The above cross-section shows the sound insulation mechanism of our external heat insulating and ventilation exterior walls.

xevoΣ exterior wall sound insulation

Rental Housing Business

The Séjour Wit – a two-story apartment building product The Séjour OTT's GT– a three-story apartment building product Royal Parks ER Bandai, a medium-rise rental housing project

Rental housing business

Value-added rental housing to help pass on assets to the next generation

In our Rental Housing business, we leverage our comprehensive services – from site assesment through planning, design, and construction to management support – to propose ideal solutions to utilize real estate assets most effectively. We work to anticipate upcoming tenant needs – which are constantly diversifying in parallel with social changes – to develop a wide range of products. These include anti-crime rental housing products and housing facilities for elderly people. We also develop and manage medium- to high-rise rental apartment buildings, including our Royal Parks series of rental apartment properties.
In these ways, we not only enable landowners to pass on their family assets intact to the next generation, we also help create economically and socially robust regional communities through the provision of affordable, good-quality housing.

Rental housing management

Maintaining and improving long-term asset value through concerted operations in property management and other fields, employing our entire-building leasing system*

At the Daiwa House Group, we offer a total support service in the field of rental housing through our "D-room" brand of rental housing in cooperation with specialist companies in areas such as entire-building leasing agreements for rental housing, management and operation, real estate agency services, and Internet service provision.
To ensure that rental housing properties remain attractive to prospective tenants even many years after construction, we offer a variety of proposals for adding value, such as renovation or the installation of state-of-the-art equipment for properties with vacant rooms. In our real estate agency business, in addition to conventional over-the counter services, we are utilizing online advertising to inform prospective tenants of the large number of rental properties available and thereby raise occupancy rates.

* Application of the entire-building leasing system is subject to certain conditions

Rental Housing Business – Recent achievements (Daiwa House Industry, non-consolidated)

Rental housing sold (aggregate up to March 31, 2019): Approx. 1,110,000 (incl. estimates for 1962–1973 period)

Rental Housing Business – Number of houses sold

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Units 43,428 40,254 37,905

Average sales per unit / Average area per unit (Building contracting)

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Average sales per unit (\ million) 11.4 12.0 12.4
Average area per unit (㎡) 50.5 51.5 52.0

Note: Above figures are total averages for low-rise steel-frame rental housing, and medium- and high-rise rental housing.

Entire building leasing system (Rental housing business model)

Our Strengths

We offer a complete menu of property management agency services, including our Entire Building Leasing System, in which we lease rental housing properties in entirety from the owners, to whom we then pay rent.

Entire building leasing system (Rental housing business model)

※Application of the entire-building leasing system is subject to certain conditions

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Daiwa Living Companies

Product strategy

Our Strengths

Product Strategy

Anti-crime rental housing products

Anti-crime rental housing products for women

Various home security items available as standard, including anti-crime equipment and 24/7 access to online security system, plus a range of home equipment designed specially with female customers in mind, such as easy-to-use kitchen, washstand, and plenty of storage space.

Condominiums Business

RYU:X TOWER Hibarigaoka Fields Ichibangai Initia Musashi-Shinjo House


Meeting the needs of different generations and regions with unique, high value-added condominiums

To provide residences with the levels of safety, security, and all-round livability that our customers are looking for, we offer condominiums matching the particular characteristics of each area of Japan that will maintain their asset value over many years. In recent years, in our urban renewal projects we have introduced the concept of “area management,” under which the management and development of a neighborhood is principally entrusted to the residents themselves. We have also been developing condominiums targeted mainly at “active seniors,” where residents can continue to live with an easy mind despite their age. In such ways, we develop and market high value-added condominiums that constitute the sort of solid social capital that meets the needs of different generations and regions.

Condominium management

Providing high-quality building management and varied lifestyle support services

In the condominium management field, we offer a comprehensive service encompassing everything from day-to-day maintenance to the long-term planning of building repair. In this way, we support safe, secure, and comfortable lives for all residents. For existing condominiums, the number of which is increasing year by year in Japan, we maintain and improve residents’ asset values through proposals ranging from complete replacement of buildings to renewal of facilities or large-scale repairs. We also enhance resident satisfaction through various ancillary services, including renovation of the individually-owned portions of condominium buildings (home units) and support for the renting out of home units when owners have to relocate.

Condominium Business – Recent achievements

2017 2018
Total Daiwa House Industry Cosmos Initia Total Daiwa House Industry Cosmos Initia
Number of condominium home units provided (per annum) 2,721 2,098 623 1,957 1,627 330
FY2017 FY2018
Total Daiwa House Industry Cosmos Initia Total Daiwa House Industry Cosmos Initia
Number of condominium home units sold (for the fiscal year) 2,718 2,160 558 2,203 1,789 414

Condominiums – Average sales per unit / Average area per unit (Daiwa House Industry, non-consolidated)

FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Average sales per unit (¥ million) 48.4 53.2 55.8
Average area per unit (㎡) 76.8 75.7 77.0

Condominium Business – Units under management by the Group

As of March 31, 2019: 360,000 units under management (6,466 buildings)

Existing Homes Business

Before renovation After renovation


One-stop service – from design through to final renovation work

For the renovation of single-family houses or condominium units, we offer a one-stop service covering everything from painstaking inspections through designs to final renovation work that makes full use of our extensive experience and track record in home building. To make it easier to get across the message of our renovation services to users, we have opened a number of renovation-dedicated showrooms (called Reform Salons) within large-scale public housing projects in the suburbs of Japan's three major cities, where we promote community-based renovation proposals. We are also expanding our renovation operations in various new areas, such as rental housing – where we make proposals to secure landowners’ asset values – as well as work on the common-use portions of condominiums (exteriors, etc.) and on medical clinics, restaurants, and so on. We also perform renovation work on a wide variety of buildings not originally constructed by the Daiwa House Group.

Commercial Facilities Business

Fitness clubs Business hotels Large-scale shopping centers

Development of roadside retail outlets

Leveraging extensive land-use data and ability in planning and proposals to support our customers’ most effective business development

In our retail and wholesale facilities business, we match the needs of landowners seeking more effective ways to utilize their real estate assets with those of prospective corporate tenants seeking to open new business outlets. To do this we employ our proprietary LOC(Land-Owner-Company) System, under which we provide long-term support to both sides. We utilize our extensive data on land use nationwide, as well as detailed market surveys on the particular characteristics of each site’s location and of the commercial environment in the neighborhood, to offer prospective corporate tenants comprehensive and optimal solutions to their business development needs. In line with our Group vision of “co-creating a brighter future,” we will continue to create new businesses that contribute to social development.

Development, management, and operation of commercial facilities

Developing attractive commercial facilities to serve as the core of local communities

In the commercial facilities business, we plan and construct commercial facilities (mainly large-scale shopping centers), lease spaces out to tenants, and manage the facilities – all across Japan. We not only ensure the profitability of our facilities by attracting the sort of corporate tenants who can pull in customers, we also seek to create commercial facilities that offer a diverse range of new value and can serve as the core of their respective communities. By proposing the construction and operation of businesses that make the most of the Group’s business resources – such as fitness clubs and business hotels – we aim to develop attractive commercial facilities that meet the particular needs of each local community.

LOC System (Commercial Facilities Business)

Our Strengths

In the LOC (Land-Owner-Company) System, Daiwa House Industry brings together land owners who wish to make more effective use of their real estate holdings, and companies that are looking to open new business centers, thus efficiently meeting the needs of both sides.

LOC System (Commercial Facilities Business)

Logistics, Business and Corporate Facilities Business

BTS logistics facilities Multi-tenant logistics facilities

Logistics facilities

Deriving optimal solutions from observation of front-line logistics operations

In the logistics facilities business, we employ our D-Project proprietary business format, under which we meet all our customers’ diverse needs from selection of prime-location sites through the design and construction of facilities, to service operation and building management. In addition to BTS (build-to-suit) logistics facilities for particular tenants, we also construct multi-tenant facilities in prime locations, and both categories of facility are proving popular in the market. Daiwa House has been engaged in logistics facility development right from its founding. We aim to constantly derive advanced solutions from our close observation of actual practice in the front line, to become the logistics facility supplier of choice.


1.BTS = Build-to-suit (logistics facilities customized to each user's requirements)

2.Multi-tenant logistics facilities = logistics facilities designed to cater for a multiple number of tenant companies

Supporting companies’ logistics strategies by building new social infrastructure

The growth of online shopping and corporate globalization are drastically changing logistics needs. In addition to good locations, companies have an increased need for larger, multi-functional facilities. Our “D’s SMART LOGISTICS” brand of eco-friendly facilities offer a range of leading-edge features such as seismic isolation systems for mitigation of damage from earthquakes as well as other business continuity planning (BCP) measures, including emergency power generation equipment. In these ways, they aim to be a new form of social infrastructure. We also provide long-term support for our corporate clients’ logistics strategies, such as solutions to their needs in the areas of corporate real estate and public-sector real estate strategies, in addition to real estate securitization plans.

Offices Factories Food processing plant

Offices and factories

Strengthening relationships with corporate clients to offer comprehensive solutions

In our offices and factories business, we utilize our extensive database on land prices and sites available for development to make land-use proposals covering everything from initial surveys through planning, design, and construction to post-completion maintenance. We offer land-use proposals for sites of every scale, and for buildings and other facilities for all kinds of purposes, across the whole of Japan. We leverage the Group’s ability to make comprehensive proposals incorporating solutions that meet all our clients’ needs, and these have proved very popular in the market. They include proposals for eco-friendly offices and factories, for the building of new corporate facilities or relocation of existing ones, and for the rebuilding or demolition of existing properties. We will continue to strengthen our customer relationships by focusing on the gathering and collation of data relating to the opening of new offices and factories, enabling us to propose effective solutions to our users' needs.

For companies operating food-processing facilities, we offer a total-support service precisely tailored to the needs and scale of each corporate customer, starting from design of the initial business model and looking at the entire supply chain, from fresh food production through processing to marketing.

Hospitals:Rehabilitation ward for patients in recovery phase; disabled patient ward Nursing care complex:Fee-based home for the elderly, dialysis clinic, local government service center

Housing for the elderly, medical and nursing care facilities, and welfare facilities

Comprehensive support services from planning through financing to operation

In 1989, anticipating the rapidly developing phenomenon of population aging in Japan, we established the Silver Age Research Center to investigate issues involved in the construction and operation of medical and nursing care facilities. The Center meets customers’ wide-ranging needs by leveraging its specialist know-how to select suitable sites, draw up projects, and consult with governmental bodies. We have developed leading-edge medical facilities under the name of “D’s SMART MEDICAL,” which has been designed to meet the projected medical facility management needs of the next generation. This system incorporates environment- friendly and earthquake-mitigation technologies that ensure the safety and comfort of patients and staff, in addition to business management support.

We also offer a wide variety of real estate development plans to suit the needs of customers looking to build new medical care facilities, including development directly by Daiwa House Industry, or through the use of special hospital and health care funds dedicated to such facility development.

Hokusetsu-Sanda 2nd Techno Park

Urban development and industrial parks

Pushing ahead with urban development projects that meet the changing needs of the times, tailored to the differing requirements of each community

The first urban development project undertaken by Daiwa House was the Habikino Neopolis housing complex, completed in 1962, which was also Japan’s first large-scale housing development project by a private-sector company. In 1976 we developed the Okayama Neopolis project – the largest by a private-sector company at that time – and our efforts in other projects were oriented toward creating residential environments where people could live in comfort and also in harmony with nature. We are pooling our efforts to offer urban development projects that meet the changing needs of the times, tailored to the differing requirements of each community, in a single package covering everything from initial planning, site preparation and flood management, through design and construction, to post-completion maintenance. And at all times, we keep uppermost in our minds the need for optimally effective land utilization that will serve the needs of the community far into the future.

Revitalizing regional communities through industrial park development

As a pioneer in the industrialization of construction since its founding, Daiwa House has developed a wide range of industrial parks, taking advantage of the know-how it has built up in the course of extensive experience in the construction of manufacturing plants, logistics facilities, offices, and others. Combining the business resources possessed by the Daiwa House Group, we put together proposals for the construction of benefits-package facilities such as company housing and staff dormitories, including the preliminary land preparation work. In close collaboration with local governments, we also contribute to the revitalization of regional economies through measures to attract corporate tenants to our industrial parks.

Daiwa House Group value chain

Our Strengths

The Daiwa House Group's value chain constitutes the power to monetize the entire business cycle – from planning through design and construction to post-completion management, plus the design and implementation of an optimal exit strategy – within the Group.

Daiwa House Group Value Chain

Logistics facilities

Logistics facilities : D-Project UrayasuⅡ

Rental housing property

Rental apartments : Pacific Royal Court Minatomirai Urban Tower

Commercial facilities

Commercial facilities : Naha Shin-Toshin Center Building (Daiwa Roynet Hotel Naha-Omoromachi)

Japan real estate investment trusts (J-REIT)

Daiwa House REIT Investment Corporation is a real estate investment trust (J-REIT) company for which Daiwa House Industry serves as the sponsor

Daiwa House REIT Investment Corporation invests in and manages real estate and other properties nationwide, mainly in Japan's three metropolitan regions (Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya) and principally in the fields of logistics facilities, residential facilities, commercial facilities, and hotels by leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of its sponsor – the Daiwa House Group. In this way, Daiwa House REIT Investment Corporation aims to maximize investor value by securing a stable income and steadily increasing the value of its assets over the medium to long term.

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Daiwa House REIT Investment Corporation

Other Businesses

Royal Home Center Minami-Senju

●Construction Support
Home centers

Product lineups and unique services that meet the particular needs of each local community

Our Royal Home Centers offer a wide variety of products and services designed to make people's lives more comfortable and convenient, including DIY and interior goods, materials for gardening, pet supplies, products for use in home renovation, and products and materials for professionals. Our home centers also offer various value-added services such as home delivery and installation of purchased goods, as well as discounts for seniors. For professionals in the construction and other industries we have a full range of construction materials, tools, and so on. We are also expanding our online store business so as to become an invaluable home center company for the residents of all the regions where we operate.

Logistics service

Logistics service

Daiwa Logistics Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive logistics solutions for greater efficiency. It meets all the needs of customers operating in a wide range of industrial sectors, from construction materials through retailing to online clothing sales, offering services that are precisely tailored to each user's business model.

Interior design proposals

Interior design proposals

DesignArc Co., Ltd. sells and installs off-the shelf and made-to-order furniture, as well as made-to-order curtains.
The company offers comprehensive design and coordination solutions for a more satisfying, happier home life. It also provides a variety of sale and leasing packages covering a wide range of items for use in model home display sites, offices (including temporary prefabricated offices), commercial facilities, and so on.

Minamiboso-Tomiura Royal Hotel  Amanohashidate Miyazu Royal Hotel

●Health & Leisure
Resort hotels

Offering resort experiences that make the most of each region's unique features

Daiwa Royal Hotel operates a network of resort hotels covering the whole of Japan, from Okinawa in the south to Hokkaido in the north. Against the backdrop of the beautiful natural scenery for which Japan is renowned, the staff of each hotel play their part in supporting the economic development of the local region, by introducing their guests to unique natural features, local history, traditions, cuisine, and industries, and by incorporating the attractions of the changing seasons into their menu of services. In our resort hotel operations we work constantly to further enhance the quality of our services. Our aim is to ensure that our guests truly enjoy their stay with us by making them feel relaxed, and by providing them with interesting experiences and opportunities for interaction with local people.

The Cypress Country Club

Golf courses

The golf courses operated by Daiwa Royal Golf take optimal advantage of the beauty of the natural landscapes, and our spacious club houses allow members to fully relax.

Sports Club NAS

Fitness clubs

Places where people of all ages can enjoy themselves

Our Sports Club NAS operates various clubs and other facilities that go beyond the conventional concept of fitness clubs – places where a wide range of people, from children up to seniors, can enjoyably spend their free time and realize interpersonal communication. We are addressing the growing public interest in sports, health, and beauty. For instance, we offer special courses for children in collaboration with famous athletes and professional baseball clubs, as well as community clubs for members over sixty years of age. For our female members, we have aesthetic and nail salons, and women-only hot yoga studios.

Neo Summit Chigasaki – residential-type units and fee-based nursing care units – both for the elderly  Mominoki Shibuyahonmachi -fee-based nursing care home for the elderly  D-Festa Higashi-Omiya -assisted-living residential facilities for seniors

Private homes for the elderly/assisted-living residential facilities for seniors / management of facilities for the elderly

By providing residential and other facilities where elderly people can live in comfort, we contribute to the overall welfare of regional communities

In our private homes for the elderly business, we operate two sets of facilities – the Mominoki chain of private nursing care homes, which provide a family-like environment where older people can live without worries, and the Neo Summit homes, which combine assisted-living residential facilities for active seniors with homes for elderly people who require nursing care. Not only do we offer a residential experience that provides our elderly customers with peace of mind and enjoyment – including tasty meals and medical professionals always on call – we also offer various activities to keep the mind active, as well as end-of-life care. In these ways, we are working to realize higher-quality services that will make elderly people’s lives more fulfilling. We provides all the required support for persons who need nursing care, and for their family members.
We operate the D-Festa assisted-living housing for elderly people, which combines the freedom associated with rental housing with the required level of nursing care. We also offer at-home nursing care services, day care services, and short-stay care services, and provide support for homes for seniors from planning through development.
Our Silver Age Research Center is a research facility employing specialist staff who undertake surveys and analyses relating to problems affecting medical institutions and nursing care facilities. We optimally leverage the Center’s research and proven track record to assist in the planning and design of various homes for the elderly.

Mega solar The Power Storager 10 fixed-type lithium ion storage battery The Sadamisaki Wind-Power Generation System

●Environment and Energy

Leveraging technological know-how, expertise in proposal design, and comprehensive capabilities to address energy issues

The Daiwa House Group operates an environment and energy solutions business, centered on new energy creation, energy saving, power storage, electric power supply, and the power producing business. We harness the comprehensive capabilities of the entire Group to popularize the use of renewable energy by actively promoting business opportunities in the construction of facilities for photovoltaic power generation (including mega solar power projects), wind power, and hydroelectricity, and the operation of such facilities. We are also directing efforts toward expanding our electric power retailing operations.

Financial Services Credit Cards

●Financial Services
Credit cards

Living up to our customers' trust with high-quality financial services

We engage in a wide range of financial services – principally credit card operations and loans – as well as other services such as settlement and rental guarantees. Customers can select from our menu of HeartOne cards to pay housing rents and meet various other essential needs.

Insurance agencies

Offering financial security, now and into the future

Customers purchasing single-family houses or condominium units, or owners renting out housing, retail outlets, or offices, can select the insurance policy that best fits their needs from our extensive lineup of insurance products. In this way, we protect our customers’ invaluable assets and lifestyles, enabling them to look forward to the future with confidence.


●Business and City Hotels

Raising customer satisfaction by catering to both business and leisure needs

In our business and city hotels operations, Daiwa Roynet Hotels manages a network of hotels conveniently located close to important railway stations in cities all over Japan, and the Group also includes the Osaka Marubiru; Osaka Dai-ichi Hotel, the Royton Sapporo Hotel, the APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU and the DAIWA ROYAL HOTEL CITY. To meet the needs of all kinds of guests from Japan and overseas – both tourists and those on business trips – we offer a wide range of room types, plus ingenious and unique services, and also provide everything needed by elderly guests or those with physical disabilities. We aim to demonstrate our hospitality by offering our guests hotel environments that are the ultimate in safety, comfort, and cleanliness.

Robot Suit HAL® for care support (lumbar type) ,Underfloor inspection robot ¨moogle evo¨

●Robotics Business

Giving a helping hand to both caregivers and those they care for – letting elderly people play a more active part in society

Amid today's Japan, where the birth rate is falling and the population is aging, robotics technology is attracting great interest for its possible extensive application in the fields of medical treatment and elderly care. The Group's robotics business aims to support greater self-reliance for senior citizens and people with disabilities through the development and popularization of a wide variety of robotic assistive equipment. The use of robotic equipment can greatly alleviate the burden on both caregivers and the elderly people they care for. We aim to help create an environment where both groups can feel greater hope for the future, and live more rewarding lives.

Robot Suit HAL® is a registered trademark of CYBERDYNE Inc.

●Senior Support

In our senior support business, we are working to create a support system for elderly people in line with four key concepts - health, purpose in life, staying connected, and safety.Specifically, we are working to create a society in which elderly people can live active lives.Our efforts include revitalizing suburban housing developments to create communities where seniors can form and keep connections with one another as well as younger people, and where they can live without worries; rural community short-stay study programs and events that promote relationships and interaction between individual participants and communities; and workshops to consider urban redevelopment issues.

Overseas Business

The Daiwa House Group’s overseas business began in the 1960s, since when we have started up businesses in China, several ASEAN nations, the United States, Australia, and a number of other countries. Recently the construction company Fujita – which boasts an impressive track record of completed projects overseas – became a member of the Group, and we hope to take full advantage of the resulting synergy to speed up our further development on the global stage.

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