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IR Activities

Objectives of IR activities

Based on the spirit of “co-creating a brighter future” described in its Management Vision, the Company seeks to enhance bilateral communication by fostering objective-oriented dialogue with shareholders.
The Company has formulated the “Policy on Promoting Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders(PDF 57KB)” and has established the IR Department as a point of contact for enhancing communication with shareholders and cultivates trust-based relationships with shareholders.
Comments and requests received from the shareholders through these dialogues are fed back to our management executives and outside directors to share the issues raised and incorporate them into our management with an aim to ultimately maximize our corporate value.

Principal IR activities

  1. Information session on financial results to institutional investors and analysts via telephone conference (each quarter)
  2. Briefing session by top management for institutional investors and analysts (semiannually/ annually)
  3. Facility observation tours / Project site tours (not regularly)
  4. Corporate information meetings (not regularly)
  5. Individual interviews in person and by phone / Small meetings
  6. Participation in IR conferences inside and outside Japan
  7. IR roadshows overseas
  8. Posting articles in IR magazines

Presentation of management plans to institutional investors and analysts

Guided tour of the Daiwa House Industry Central Research Laboratory for shareholders

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